Best 10 Barbie Playsets Mar10

Best 10 Barbie Playsets

All best 10 Barbie picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Barbie Glam Vacation House

My daughter spends all her free time in her 2-story dream house. All the furniture is there to arrange and re-arrange. The whole thing packs up nice to carry anywhere she wants to go play.


Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

The elevator in this place fascinates my 4-year old. Pink is now her favorite color. The best are the sounds, though, with kitchen timer, crackling fireplace, doorbell, shower humming, and flushing toilet.


Barbie Princess Charm School Princess Playset

This Charm School set allows my little girl to act out scenes from the Barbie animated movie. The bed changes into a spectacular spa tub. The whole thing folds up nicely to be carried to grandma's house.


Barbie Glam Convertible

The wheels are quite attractive, shining as they spin around the block, The license plate is a customized Barbie and lights are holofoil. Even the seats scream fashion through the zebra print.


Barbie Sisters Family Camper

Camping Barbie sisters has a popup top for sleeping, similar to the old VW campers, but far more fashionable of course. They can lounge around the Jacuzzi, the full kitchen with seats or use the bathroom with toilet and shower.


Barbie Sisters Sleeptime Bedroom and Stacie Doll Set

Your little girl can pretend to have a sleep over of the Barbie sisters: Stacie, Skiper, and Barbie. This comes with Stacie in her bedroom and Skipper in her bathroom. Unlimited fun for you girl awaits her.


Barbie Puppy Water Park Playset

How terribly cute! Barbie has her own puppies and your daughter will spend all of her time in the water park playing with the dogs in the water. He actually floats too. Even I had fun with this one.


Barbie Glam Pool

The dog's got sunglasses. Unbelievable! Barbie's got a bar for drinks, a float for her dog, and a slide that will make a great splash with the girls. I am not sure about the inclusion of this bar, but pretend it's soda.


Barbie I Can Be Baby Caregiver Doll Playset

If you want your child to be sensitive and kind and to grow up to be a grate mother, perhaps she should start out with this baby caregiver set. There is a website too with extra fun. The baby even wets herself after drinking.


Barbie Hairtastic Color And Wash Salon Playset

Get your daughter hooked on hair. This set allows her to really color Barbie's hair and then to wash it out with actual shampoo. There is no end to the creativity she'll discover in this Barbie playset.