Best 10 Bridal Shoes for Wedding May02

Best 10 Bridal Shoes for Wedding

All best 10 Shoes picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Badgley Mischka Women's Randee T-Strap Sandal

I was looking for shoes that not only looked gorgeous, but are comfortable on my feet. My friends suggested Badley Mischka sandals. They are perfect for my size 7 flabby feet, and they also make my feet look very slim.


Badgley Mischka Women's Randall Pump

When I got married last week, the most comforting thing about the whole event were my Women’s Randall pumps. I could stand for 4 hours on 4” heels. It was quite painless, and I managed easily to smile throughout the ceremony.


Nina Women's Electra Platform Pump

While I was on my honeymoon, Electra Platform pumps were the sexiest, silky shoes that I carried with me. They made my feet look so pretty that my husband could not stop appreciating them. They are very comfortable and I personally recommend them to all the would-be-brides.


Coloriffics Women's Jada Platform Sandal

I love to dance and thus, was looking for the shoes that I am comfortable with for my wedding. Jada Platform sandals are perfect and they are much lighter to walk with. The middle straps are very helpful and do not strain my heels or toes.


Coloriffics Women's Victoria Wedge Sandal

My wedding was complete with padded, leather sole victories wedge sandals. The pleated crisscross straps made my skinny feet look much fuller and more beautiful. All eyes at the wedding were on my pretty shoes throughout the ceremony.


Dyeables Women's Casey Sandal

My Dyeables Women’s shoes are unique and they are my pride, as they have fantastically handmade soles. The straps are studded with glistering rhinestones, which grabbed everybody’s attention throughout the hall during my wedding reception.


GUESS Women's Carrie Stiletto Pump

My Carrie Stiletto Pumps are the best pair ever, as they are very comfortable to wear, and they also elongate my feet with their pointed toe tip. These beautiful black stilettos made me look elegant and classy on my wedding day.


Touch Ups Women's Logan Platform Sandal

I do not prefer wearing heels, but had to wear them on my wedding day. Logan Platform Sandals are just so wonderful and light to walk in that I changed my opinion about wearing heels. These days, I just cannot think of going to a party without wearing them.


Coloriffics Women's Trista Sandal

High heels were never very comfortable to me. However, I had no choice but to wear them for my wedding. Trista Sandals are great, as their cushions absorb the discomfort while walking. My thin ankles looked just perfect in these shoes, and with shinning stone studded straps.


Martinez Valero Women's Ursula Open-Toe Pump

Martinez Valero open-toe sandals are ladylike with their lovely curvy heels. They make my feet look sexy with the grace of lace. You could see envy in every woman’s eye on my wedding day, when I wore this stylish footwear.