Best 10 Contemporary Desk Lamps Apr02

Best 10 Contemporary Desk Lamps

All best 10 Desk Lamps picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Z-Bar High Power LED Lamp- Silver/Cool Generation 2

My girlfriend bought me this lamp and it is almost invisible. I've knocked it over so many times, because it is so thin and takes up no space at all. The LEDs are brilliant and the 4-step lighting profiles make it easy to select the right ambiance.


Lite Source LS-153PS/BLK Henrik Metal Clip-On Lite, Black with Polished Steel

I like to travel with this lamp, when I am on business trips. The polished steel finish blends in with my professional gear. It takes a 60w bulb and I do prefer the incandescent glow that keeps me warm when I travel in Ukraine.


LSH-Icicle TBL Icicle Contemporary Chrome Table Lamp

My wife loves this beautiful lights in the livingroom. She even turns everything else off, turns on soft Jazz and relaxes at the end of the day. It is a futuristic, elegant and slim look that gives these lights their power.


Lite Source LS-3896PS Futura Halogen Desk Lamp, Polished Steel

When you need a moveable light, nothing beats a flexible armature and halogen light. The base is surprisingly stable and the design thin and unobtrusive. You'll find the silver blends with any decor.


Lite Source LS-165PS Eye Halogen Clip-On Lite, Polished Steel, GU10 35Wx1

This funky light really lit up our son's face. It's a true gooseneck lamp, but with a twist, pardon the pun. The end wields a screwy helmet. Since this is a clamp lamp you can put it just about anywhere.


Lite Source LS-3414PS Space Traveller Halogen Desk Lamp, Polished Steel

My wife is in love with foldable armatures on desk lamps. This one loves her back, because when she touches the switch it dims to match her mood. It takes up to 100w bulb, which is more than any other I've seen.


Verilux Brookfield Deluxe Full Spectrum Desk Lamp, Brushed Nickel

The full spectrum light will fight your Seasonal Affective Disorder and the retro design that was first unveiled in 1904 at the Saint Louis Exposition will give you a time travel experience.


Lite Source LS-156BLK Seeker Metal Clip-On Lite, Black

Clamps are a plus, black is too. I cannot get used to all the cold silver lamps out there. But if you like the silver, this comes in that also. The neck is fully adjustable. Add to all this the halogen energy saving bulb and you have a winner.


Softech Black LED Desk Lamp with iPod/iPhone Dock

Oh, I love this lamp because I love my iPhone. I have it stocked with tunes that sound beautiful through the speakers built into this lamp. Yes, you heard me right, pun intended.


Lite Source LS-21276 Jensen Adjustable Metal Desk/Table Lamp, Dark Bronze

This classic design with the dark finish will accent your elegant room and shed light on your living space without stealing the thunder. The heavy base and easily adjustable neck makes for a fine instrument.