Best 10 Desk Chairs For Your Office Jul07

Best 10 Desk Chairs For Your Office

All best 10 Office picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Embody Chair (Aluminium) by Herman Miller

Embody Chair surely deserves the first place. The extreme comfort this chair provides cannot be achieved with any other desk chair. Every part of the chair is flexible and adjusts to your body, supporting your body and ensuring a mesmerizing feeling, allowing you to focus on whatever work needs to be done!


BodyBilt J2502

Our second place, the top creation of BodyBilt may seem like an ordinary desk chair, but it is in fact a highly advanced ergonomic chair that offers high adjustability, or a fixed position if desired. High level of comfort can be reached for any person sitting in the chair, thanks to nearly every part of the chair being adjustable, which is why it earns such a high place in our top.


BodyBilt J2509

The next one is the slightly less expensive brother of the BodyBilt J2502. While it lacks some functionality, it still offers incredible amounts of comfort, and promotes proper-seated posture and cushions high-pressure points to avoid any unpleasant back aches or cramps.


La-Z-Boy Presidential Chair

La-Z-Boy's Presidential Chair could very well be at the top of our list, if it were about the looks of desk chairs. Although not nearly as adjustable as the top 3 places, this chair offers cushy seating with a touch of old-world craftmanship, which will certainly put some style in your everyday office life.


Embody Chair (Titanium) by Herman Miller

Similar to our winner, this Embody Chair by Herman Miller is sure to assure you receive the comfort you're paying for. The difference, however, lies within the material - this particular model might be sturdier and less prone to breaking but it is a whole lot heavier, which certainly is a drawback.


Aeron Desk Chair (Classic)

Aeron Desk Chair might not be complemented with soft cushioning, but it still offers high levels of adjustability, which is a great characteristic for a desk chair. The offer also includes an amazing 12-year guarantee, and if you order this chair, you can be sure it will arrive fully assembled and ready for use!


Concorde 24 Hr

Concorde 24 Hr is designed with one thought in mind - if people have to spend a lot of time in their chairs, they must be able to rely on them. It supports up to 350 lbs of weight, backed up by a lifetime warranty.


Aeron Desk Chair (Carbon)

Combining distinctive looks with pioneering ergonomics, Aeron is sure not to leave you disappointed. Also coming with a 12-year warranty, this baby falls short from its brother in terms of appearance, as it wouldn't really be suited for very formal business meetings, but it is sure to satisfy your everyday work or home needs.



Our ninth place, Duorest, surely does stand out with a unique design. The water based bonding technology makes the chair feel softer and less electrostatic. The dual backrest offers high adjustability, reaching maximum levels of comfort for your spine.


Office Star

The last office chair in our list is from the more economic end. It doesn't offer a whole lot of movement options, but it still remains a solid choice for everyday office work. The design is sleek and minimalistic, allowing you to stay comfortable, without drawing too much attention to yourself.