Best 10 Dog Toys in 2011 Aug18

Best 10 Dog Toys in 2011

All best 10 Dogs picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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KONG Extreme Dog Toy, Large, Black

Ultra-strong, durable black rubber toy is the best one for bigger dogs. Even those who really are power chewers will like it for a longer time!


Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Medium, 2 Balls

If you and your dog like to play the gan of fetch, this is the ball to choose! It bounces high, flies far floats. And if you look at the price - it really isn't the highest!


Ourpets DT-10504 Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball, Large, 5 Inches

Being ideal for medium and large dogs, this ball provides mental and physical stimulation. It can be filled with your dogs favourite treats and, as it rolls on the floor, the treats spill out.


KONG Air Dog Squeaker Football Dog Toy, Large, Yellow

Being perfect for all dogs that love to fetch, this ball is high-floating, bouncy and made from non-abrasive tennis ball fabric that will not wear down your dog's teeth.


Premier Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker Dog Toy

This dog toy might not be the cheapest option of all, but it indeed is interesting. It is designed to entertain, hydrate, and treat your dog. It features a heavy-duty steel base and extension rod, ice treat recipes and a deep water reservoir.


KONG Tug Dog Toy, Red/Black

Tugging is one of a dog's instinctive activities, and this toy is made specially for tugging! Made from super-strong materials, it will also not tear apart for a long time!


Moody Pet Humunga Stache Ball Dog Toy

Certainly one of the funniest dog toys out there - as your dog picks it up, a mustache sticks out! Dogs love to play with this toy, and it will provide fun times both for you and your dog!


Kyjen Tail Teaser Dog Toy with Refill

Your dog will become captivated for hours when you take this toy. Being acceptable for any size dog, this toy will provide endless exercise both outdoors and indoors.


Sherpa Go Dog Frills the Gray Triceratops Dog Toy

Dogs love toys that make sound, and this is one of them. The sound coming from the end of the tail and the squeaker from inside of it will attract your dog literally for hours!


Tuffy's Polly Pig Dog Toy

Last in our top, but certainly not the worst out there - the Tuffy's Polly Pig Dog Toy is perfect for puppies. It also features soft edges so your puppy won't hurt its gums. As it has a very complicated and strong structure, your puppy will not chew it after just a few days!