Best 10 Drills for Your Home

All best 10 Outdoor Appliances picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Panasonic EY6432GQKW

Our winner, the incredible driller from Panasonic just has it all - maximum torque delivery, lightweight construction, long-lasting batteries, as well as a comfortable handle. To put it short, it's the best you can get!


DeWalt DCD960Kl

This cordless driller from DeWalt doesn't fall behind too much, either.Lots of raw power, as well as customizable speeds and settings will satisfy your every need. The set also comes at a very cheap price, which is always a bonus!


Chicago Pneumatic Drill

The Chicago pneumatic drill is a great pick for those professionals that want highly adjustable drilling modes, but don't want to overpay for it. Although it may lack the raw power of our first two picks, it's a satisfying tool for any professional and the price/quality ratio is just great!


Makita DS4000

This aggressive-looking drill from Makita is basically the mini-gun of drills. It's big, it's powerful and it looks badass. Although the design surely weighs more than more classical models, the drill is very handy and comfortable to use in any position.


Ryobi ZRP815, Factory reconditioned

Our fifth pick, the drill from Ryobi is a great choice for semi-professionals. It's also factory reconditioned, which means it was returned to the factory by a customer, but it still works like a new one. Basically, you get the great Ryobi drill with perhaps one or two scratches, for half the price!


Makita BDF452HW

This drill surely earns the award for the most futuristic-looking household tool. It's also quite powerful and will surely cope with most tasks, but the battery is somewhat lacking, and the LED light that illuminates the drilling area surely doesn't help the battery last longer.



Another drilling set from Dewalt, it's just as great as their other products. Of course, less powerful than our second pick, but it still deserves recognition, as both the battery and the torque generated are great.


Milwaukee 0234-6 Magnum

If you're looking for something to drill a hole in a tank with, this is the best you can get. No task will be too hard for this ridiculously powerful drill from Milwaukee. Of course, the drilling capability takes its toll on the tool's weight, therefore it's not the one you could use for everyday tasks.


Makita LXFD01

This is what you could call an "Average Joe" of drills. Not excelling at any particular area, it still performs its tasks reliably. If you're not looking for the best of the best, you would be surprised how cheap it comes!


Hitachi D13VF

Last on our list is another heavy machine, the Hitachi D13VF. The 9 Amp motor provides excellent torque and it's a very powerful tool, indeed. The downside, however, is the warranty being only 1 year, whereas most other picks had a 3 year warranty. Still, it's a relatively cheap, but a very powerful drill!