Best 10 Electrical Testers & Test Leads

All best 10 Diagnostic & Test Tools picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Power Probe PPKIT03 Master Combo Kit

My wife bought this for my birthday and was I surprised. This has everything I need for those demanding electrical jobs. It has a complete PPLS01 lead set and Power Probe III kit, but also an ECT2000 kit.


Actron CP7605 Dwell/Tachometer/Voltmeter Analyzer

Whether you own a domestic or an import car, this analyzer can handle both conventional and electronic ignitions as well as starting or charging systems. You have dwell, tachometer, and voltmeters ranges. There is even a zero adjuster and large, readable meter.


Equus 3420 Smart Test Light/Circuit Tester

If you need a pocket tester for voltage and ground, this is a safe option. It can handle many different electronic systems, such as cabling, fuses, battery, switches, wiring, and sensors. It's my favorite first choice.


Curt Manufacturing 58270 12V 7-Way Rv Round Circuit Tester

This worked wonders finding fault in my harness/plug connection. It has got easy to understand readouts, so I keep the tester in my truck to test before hooking up another trailer. It is a welcomed addition to my tools.


IIT 16693 7 Way Trailer Connector Circuit Tester With 6 LED's

This is a rugged tester made of nylon. It is quite simple to use. If the light doesn't come on there is a problem. In fact, I love this for its simplicity. You can't go wrong. Test your trailer circuit by plugging this into your vehicle side wiring harness.


K-D Tools 129 Low-Voltage Circ. Tester

This is so super simple, I gave it to my youngest son for his birthday. He is just getting interested in mechanical things. You can test both 6 and 12 Volt systems. You have a ground clip and a probe. Touch the place you want to test and if it is good, the light illuminates.


Power Probe ECT2000 Power Probe Short Circuit Detector

This is magic! There is a receiver and a transmitter. The former actually shows which direction the short is, so you no longer have to guess. The four most common types of adapters are included with this ECT2000 kit.


Hopkins 48655 4-Wire Flat Tester

This is my favorite for trailer connections to my truck. It fits in my pocket or if it is in my tool chest it takes up very little space. This is so quick and easy you can use it blindfolded and in your sleep!


Tri-Mode Vehicular Keyless Entry Test Set

If you need to test your keyless entry system on your vehicle, this is the unit. It detects the presence of both the 125 kHz and 315 kHz signals necessary for proper operation. It will even test specific signals such as panic, trunk, etc...


ESI 698 1000 Amp DC/AC Current Probe

I bought this for my high current applications and it does the job without ever complaining. This is a 1000 Amp DC/AC current probe. You should only use it in conjunction with lab scopes, digital multimeters, or graphing meters.