Best 10 Evening Bags Mar16

Best 10 Evening Bags

All best 10 Handbags picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Kipling Defea Handbag (Black)

The Kipling Defea is a functional handbag. Choose whether to carry it by the handles or strap it over your shoulder. I love it for all the pockets and how large they are. I can fit my books or anything else easily, especially for an overnight bag.


Large Black and Grey Snake Print Faux Leather Handbag By Fash

It is a handcrafted handbag, made from a kind of faux leather, large black and gray. The beauty for me is the snake print. I am a tough lady and I like a tough style to my clothing. This suits my attitude on life.


Pink Rose Handbag By Fash

My wife is the girly, delicate kind. So this pink rose handbag was perfect for her personality. The material is a fake leather, for comfort. It is an easy bag to use for day trips.


Carlo Fellini - Jazmin Evening Bag (Black/silver)

Perhaps you need a gift for that special lady in your life. This elegant purse will be loved for those special evenings out on the town. You cannot miss with this black and silver Fellini.


La Regale 24928 Handbag,Gold,one size

If gold is her color, then this La Regale is her handbag. The classic dual ball snap is pleasant for easy access to compact, lipstick, or mascara. The shoulder strap is a rope design, contributing to the elegance of this purse.


ALDO Donges - Clutches - Med. Silver - Onesize

Here is a clutch with personality. The shells add flare to this little firecracker. The hand loop is unobtrusive and the inner lining provides comfort when reaching for any makeup accessories.


Carlo Fellini - Nancy Evening Bag (N 030) (Beige)

Another brilliant Fellini purse, designed like a beige, gilled mushroom. It is both fun and fancy, drawing attention and doubling as a conversation starter with strangers. The color makes matching an outfit a breeze.


Charming! Polka dot Kisslock 3d Raised Flower Purse Black White Polkadot

The kiss lock mechanism is also magnetic, keeping it from accidentally opening. he material is a PVC laminated faux leather. Inside there are pockets for a cellphone and a second pocket, plus a zipper pocket. The animal print inside and rhinestone accents are quite fun and the dual handle practical.


Whiting and Davis Gabrielle Quilted Mesh Full Flap (Black)

The quilted texture is surprisingly metallic, but yields a feminine touch to the purse. It is a full flap style, well designed and constructed. The shoulder strap is a perfect length to keep the purse under your shoulder.


Belle White Bridal Purse

White as snow, this bridal purse will have every woman envying the bride. The design pattern is gorgeous and the draw string a classic feature to an already amazing construction. This is a fun and fancy handbag.