Best 10 Garage Door Openers Jul23

Best 10 Garage Door Openers

All best 10 Hardware picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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USAutomatic Sentry 300 S

Probably the best choice if you are looking for the best garage door opener - Sentry 300 S. It can be easily installed and it can be powered by solar power thanks to optional solar power kit, so it is not only a truly great garage door opener, but also a money saver!


Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive

Called a "Whisper Drive", it really is like a whisper - this quiet and vibration-free garage door opener is the choice to make if you have rooms above garage. Also, it has several safety features, it will last long and has a powerful motor and belt with a 10-year warranty!


SOMMER Direct Drive

It is widely known that germans know how to make quality products, and this is one of the best examples - lifetime warranty, only one moving part and a powerful motor ensures that you get a garage door opener worth your money!


Genie 3860 DirectLift Plus

With its lifetime warranty and powerful engine this garage door opener is one of the best out there; despite that, it still could not get into the top 3.


Genie 4060 Excelerator

Made by Genie, the 4060 Excelerator is the fifth best pick out there due to its durability and quietness. Also, the price will make you smile - it really is a bargain!


Chamberlain WD962KD Premium Whisper

Smoothly working, reliable and works even when the power goes out - only some of the strong points that this garage door opener has. Despite not being in the top 5, it still is worth looking at and maybe even purchasing!


Chamberlain PD422D PowerDrive

Security Plus is not only a nametag - this garage door opener from Chamberlain is safe and reliable, partly thanks to its coded remote which never transmits the same security code twice! Also, the price - just under 200$ - is worth looking at.


Chamberlain PD432D

Not as safe and money-saving as Security Plus, the PD432D still is a very competitive product, and the brand name Chamberlain also guarantees it will be reliable!


Genie 1042-2TX BELTLIFT DC

When you are seeking for price-performance products, the Genie 1042-2TX is one of the best choices to make - garage door code never repeats and it has a respectable warranty time, and it all for 189,99$!


Genie 1022

Our tenth best pick is a bit smaller and cheaper version of the ninth best pick. Although it is in this top, it still is a budget version for those who do not want to spend much money on a garage door opener.