Best 10 Helmets for This Winter Dec21

Best 10 Helmets for This Winter

All best 10 Skiing picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Pro-tec Vigilante Plantronics AF Audio Snow Helmet

I used to face difficulties handling my portable music player headset while wearing my riding helmet. My brand new Pro-tec Vigilante is super cool, because it comes with in a built-in headset that can be perfectly positioned on my ears.


Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sports Helmet

I am really glad I bought the Smith Sports Helmet because my older one felt so heavy and suffocating. It is so light and well ventilated, and it really is tough enough to protect my head.


K2 Diversion Audio Helmet 2012

The Diversion is something more than just a helmet, with its built-in audio system. The matrix venting system is ingeniously designed to keep my head cool even during the warm summers. Riding has become so easy also during winters, because the goggles are designed to resist the fog.


Smith Optics Womens Variant Brim Helmet

My woman, Stella, was thoroughly impressed with me when I bought her the Smith Brim Helmet. I felt that it was the perfect helmet for women, with all its delicate features. At the same time, the company has not compromised any of the safety features.


Pro-tec Vigilante X Von Zipper Snow Helmet

Being a war movie fanatic, I just could not resist getting the Pro-tec Vigilante for myself. There is no way a biker like me could have resisted its rough and tough retro looks. It is perfectly designed to position my motorcycle goggles.


K2 Rival BC Helmet 2012

I feel well protected whenever I wear my K2 Rival Helmet for skiing. It is designed smartly to keep my head cool the whole time I wear it. I also make it a point to carry it with me always whenever I go on hiking.


Giro G10 Snow Helmet

It felt really nice when I got my Giro G10 as a present for my dad. I have known this brand for very long time, and I always wanted to have one of my own. It is a cool looking helmet that never fails to impress my friends whenever I wear it.


Salomon Kiana Ski snowboard helmet S/M NEW 55-58cm

Skiing has been my passion ever since my childhood days, and I have a good collection of helmets with me. Salomon Kiana is among one of my favorites, since it is designed to give complete protection to my head while skiing, espeially on rough terrains.


Giro Slingshot Snow Helmet

My son just could not hide his joy when I presented him with the Giro Slingshot. Giro is one of the top names in helmet manufacturing, and I knew that I had to give it to him, because he is too restless too often.


TSG Lotus Women Snow Graphic Series Helmet

My daughter can be so clumsy and prone to accidents at times, and so I decided to get her the TSG Lotus helmet. She wears it all the time whenever she leaves the house on her bike.