Best 10 Instant Movies Mar21

Best 10 Instant Movies

All best 10 Movies picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Five Minutes of Heaven

This is a solid movie about the question of reconciling with one's enemy. Forgiveness is not traded cheaply here. With great acting by Liam Neeson and rock solid directing, you will disbelieve this was made for TV, just as I did.


Sky Pirates (Amazon Studios)

This is only an animated storyboard, like a trial run for a movie. However, it has potential to become a cult classic. The comic book style and setting that mashes a few elements together that were not actually historically together, gives it that campy feel.


The Bodyguard

In memory of Whitney Houston, this movie continues to be worth watching. Her spoiled starlet role was not over dramatized and Kevin Costner fit his serious role as her bodyguard to a tee. Perfect match.


Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious

My wife cannot stand to watch this man, but I roll on the floor when he is on. So I have to admit that Daniel Tosh' humor is not everyone's cup of tea. But if it is, Completely Serious will not disappoint you.


Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

These straight forward interviews leave you scratching your head about what people might say about you after you die. You will learn some interesting things about how to work and live. Jobs is timeless.



Canadian films are not well respected, but this one is passed around so much it feels like a pair of comfortable old shoes. It is a fun heist movie, though a bit predictable. It does alternate well between comedy and suspense.


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (English dubbed)

My wife hated this movie. I don't blame her, since there are too many extremely violent and sick scenes that represent the acts too realistically. Also, the beginning is not tied to the end well enough to make it fit.


Then She Found Me

If you read the book you may not like this movie. However, the small things might be enough to win you over as they were to capture my fascination. One was Salman Rushdie as a doctor.


Bob the Builder: Best of Bob the Builder

My 3-year old son is mesmerized with Bob the Builder. He sings with him and he even takes out his own tools to work with Bob. I was happy that the content is safe. I don't have to monitor it.


Love and Other Disasters

This is a rare gem I first saw at the Toronto Film Festival a few years back. However, some people might be offended at the gay undertones and overt gay parts. As a romantic comedy, it works, though.