Best 10 Outdoor Grills for this Summer

All best 10 Outdoor Appliances picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Crown Verity 72 inch Club Grill

Being a chef, I am very particular about the tools I work with. I really enjoy club garden parties, as I get to cook on my favorite barbecue dishes on my favorite Crown Verity Outdoor Grill. My guests simply love my hot juicy hamburgers, straight from the grill with yummy sauces and crispy potato finger chips.


Aluminum MagiKitch'n LPG60

There is nothing better that I enjoy than my grandpa's grill dishes. He has been using MagiKitch’n for quite sometime now, and we frequently enjoy perfect family outdoor get-togethers whenever we get an opportunity. Its steel body and legs haven’t got corroded even a little bit, in spite of leaving it out in our garden for days.


Kenyon Frontier All Seaons 220V Built In Electric Grill

I love calling my friends over for barbeque at my backyard. Last week, unexpected rains ruined our garden party and we had to rush everything inside our house. Our Kenyon B7005 grill is very light in weight, and was quite easy to carry. It is a nice grill and I always have great fun whenever I use it.


Cook Number Electric Grill

Our family often goes on road trips whenever we get an opportunity, and we prefer cooking our own food at various vacation spots, rather than eating at the restaurants. Our mini sized Electric grill is lightweight and has been our all time companion on our trips. My dad makes the best grilled and roasted dishes.


Deluxe Electric Grill by Meco

My old grill was powered with gas, and it was quite annoying to fill its tanks whenever I need it. While I was looking for a new one, I came across great reviews on the Meco Electric grill, and I immediately knew that it was perfect for me. I also got lucky on the purchase, as it was being offered for 40% discount.


Kalorik S Barbecue Grill with Radio and I-Pod Connection

My husband and I had a great romantic time on our honeymoon at the boathouse last month. The best thing about the trip was barbeque dinners under the moon lit sky. I am glad that we carried our Kalorik grill on our trip, and we had some of the most cherishing moments out there.


Cuisinart GC-17 Griddler Grill

A few weeks back, I gifted the Cuisinart grill to my son and his lovely wife on their anniversary. My daughter in law is a great cook, and my son simply loves the shish kababs that she makes. This grill heats well and it is also easy to clean, unlike her old one.


Hamilton Beach Raclette 8-Person Party Grill

My new Hamilton Beach grill has made a perfect place in our dinning room, and I often use it to serve hot food to my family members. Even my children use it quite easily, as it comes with user friendly features like temperature dial and indicator lights.


George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Grill

When we visited Florida this summer, my George Foreman grill was on the top of my packing list. My children love the hamburgers, dog steaks and grilled vegetables, and so I had to carry this grill with us. Its two non-stick plastic utensils cook tender and juicy meat, and they are also easy to clean while on the move.


Electric Multi-Level Mini Grill

I love cooking grilled dishes, but what I hate to do the most is cleaning the mess in the end. After I bought the Multi Level grill on my friend’s advice, I have started enjoying cooking again. Now, cleaning it is so simple that even my 15 year old daughter can also do it.