Best 10 Portable Keyboards in 2011 Nov14

Best 10 Portable Keyboards in 2011

All best 10 Keyboards picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Korg 76-key Professional Arranger Keyboard

I was quite excited when I got my Korg 76 as a birthday gift, and now my bedroom has been transformed into a music studio. It is really nice to enjoy the beats. The touchscreen is convenient too, because I don't have to turn the knobs. I am able to get hold of the right sound just by tapping the screen with my fingers.


Korg Pa800 Elite 61-Key Professional Arranger with Speakers and 80 GB Hard Drive

My Korg Elite has all the special qualities that I wished to have in a keyboard, for shaping the sounds to my liking. The MP3 player with 80-GB hard drive is a plus in it. It has an effects option to transform musical ideas, with which I am able to make great compositions.


Yamaha MOTIF XS7 Music Production Synthesizer

My new MOTIF XS keyboard is quite inspirational with its high quality and expressive sounds. It produces enchanting effects when I play the electric piano by mixing it with guitar. The best features of this keyboard are the XA tone generator and 355 MB of massive high quality waveforms, which give my rhythms a natural sound.


Korg M50 88-Key Keyboard Workstation

The Korg M50 is an exceptional keyboard, as it is designed to produce perfect musical themes. It has a very easy and simple user interface, which features just about any sound one can imagine. While performing with it, I don't really need anything else. Its design is very simple and the light weight keys are amazing to use, both on and off the stage.


PA500 Professional Arranger 61 Key Pro Keyboard

I grew up listening to a lot of music around me because my family members play instruments. So I recently added the PA500 to out musical instruments, and I love playing music this on the Arranger. I am able to create some fantastic tunes with it.


Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano, Walnut

My husband gave me the Yamaha DGX640 for our wedding anniversary. It left me completely speechless because it was something that I had dearly wanted to have. My fingers love this keyboard and handling it is quite effortless. This digital piano has become a part of my living room, and now music flows around sweetly every evening.


PSRS550B 61 Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard

After my daughter started going to guitar and piano classes, I bought the PSRS550B workstation keyboard to support her in synchronizing sounds. She found the keyboard easy to use and she seems to be enjoying her music lessons more. She is able to change the rhythms and instruments easily with it, too.


Yamaha YPG-235 76-key Portable Grand Graded-Action USB Keyboard

I immediately grabbed the 50% discount opportunity that was being offered on the Yamaha 235-76 keyboard workstation and made the purchase. This portable keyboard features the USB connectivity and the MIDI compatibility with high quality realistic feel of music. It is now easy for me to express my feelings through my music.


Korg PS60 61 Key Performance Synth

I am a member of our college band, and we always use the PS60 on stage. I have one at my home too, for my solo practice. Whenever I try out synchronizing something new, it turns out to be awesome. I just love to sync new and old melodies and excite those listening.


Casio Privia PX130 88-Key Digital Keyboard - Red (Standard)

My new Casio Privia produces some of the most exceptional sound effects. The drum and bass are flexible, and I use it every day for my practice. It is amazing training and recording equipment with many pre-recorded beats. When my band is not around, it works as a perfect backup band, and I always enjoy playing it.