Best 10 Running Shoes Aug22

Best 10 Running Shoes

All best 10 Men picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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ASICS Men's GEL-Nimbus 12

GEL-Nimbus 12 from ASICS is the ultimate choice for people who take their jogs seriously. They say the best shoes are the ones you can forget you're wearing and it's definitely the case for GEL-Nimbus 12. Lightweight material designed in a way that supports the natural movement of your feet, combined with perfect ventilation and breathing makes these the best running shoes out there!


Mizuno Men's Wave Nirvana 7

Wave Nirvana 7 designed by Mizuno doesn't fall far behind, having almost the same features as our first pick. Perfect design and material makes sure your runs don't feel like a burden. They are, however, slightly more expensive than GEL-Nimbus 12.


Ecco Men's Biom B 2.2

This product from Ecco is specifically designed to make running on hard surfaces like running on sand, without doing any damage to your feet. Adjusting to this new way of running takes six weeks on average, but the result is a pleasant and comfortable jogging experience.


ASICS Gel-Nimbus 11

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 11 is intended for those who are new to running, and need the extra comfort and cushioning. Combined with the lightweight design, these running shoes will be attractive for anyone who has just started to jog.


Men's Merrell Trail Glove

Designed for jogs in the countryside, Merrel Trail Glove was created to make sure stepping on roots and rocks doesn't make your run unpleasant. Glove-like fit and stability makes sure running on any surface feels the same as on a running track.


Nike Zoom Vomero+ 5

These rather typical running shoes from Nike are sure to keep your feet happy in your daily exercise. The design provides excellent support where it is needed most, but this model doesn't shine with any exceptional qualities, but it's a very solid choice for those who just want a pair of comfortable running shoes!


Mizuno Men's Wave Nexus 4

Another product from Mizuno, the Wave Nexus 4 are a fine overall pick for casual runners. The material provides excellent breathability, and the design ensures a "bouncy" feeling while running. Intended for hard surface jogs only, these shoes are also relatively cheap!


Adidas Men's Duramo 3

This pick is less focused on running and more focused on style and looks. If you want to make sure your running shoes look top-notch, these are for you! The high standards of Adidas still ensure quality and pleasant running experience, but this wouldn't be the choice for professional sportsmen.


Fila Men's Furio

Furio from Fila is intended for people who just like to go to the nearest park and get rid of all their stress and fury with an energizing run. These running shoes are quit cheap and they will keep your feet comfortable enough for a quick jog, but they're not the ones you could run for hours every day with.


PUMA Men's Vectana 2

These classic running shoes from Puma are a tweaked model of the footwear most of us will remember from the 1990's. They're a tested quality, and although new designs have been developed, those that are not up for trying out new things will enjoy these running shoes. The price is somewhat high, though, but Vectana 2 still deserves a place in our list of best running shoes!