Best 10 Skis for This Winter Nov28

Best 10 Skis for This Winter

All best 10 Skiing picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Elan GSX Waveflex Race Skis with ELX 14.0 Fusion Bindings 2012

My GSX Waveflex is quite smooth while skiing at high speeds, with its aggressive edge grip at the tail. Its special feature of the fusion integrated system, with two free gliding plates connected to the ski at a mid point, helps me to move swiftly on steep slopes.


Rossignol Avenger 82 TI All Mountain Skis w/ TPX/Axial2 120 Bindings

I really am glad that I purchased the Avenger 82, as it is great for handling the groomer with ease. It is stable even in the deep snows, and the surfing turns are real fun with it. I am able to maneuver it quite easily, and skiing fast with it is enjoyable.


Elan Amphibio WaveFlex 82 XTi Ski System

My Amphibo Waveflex 82 performs beautifully on firm snow, and it smoothly responds to my flexes. Its binding system lets me make turns without putting much efforts. They look very stylish and they are perfect for an aggressive skier like me.


Head i.Supershape Titan Ski System MenGÇÖs

As a ski instructor, I have handled groomers, old snow and new snow with my Head i Skis. My Supershape has allowed me to enjoy flawless skiing sessions. It has great edge grip and the force stiffens the tail, which allows me to effortlessly glide through the deep snow. Its speed plate helps me to control my tempo well.


Rossignol Radical WC GS FIS Skis

Inter state ski competition is coming up next month, and I am glad that I have best Rossignol Radical skis with me. Its rectangular core gives accurate flex distribution and a perfect grip. The skis are very responsive, especially while maneuvering in the mid air and gliding over the snow.


Blizzard G-Force Ultrasonic Power IQ 11 Skis

My new Blizzard G-force ski is more fun while riding, as its IQ-binding gives me complete stability. I enjoy delivering high performance even in difficult snows. The carbon power booster struts are connected to shock absorbers, which support my ankles well during the speedy turns.


Elan WaveFlex 10 Ski System

During my visit to the mountain resort, I got an opportunity to use the Waveflex 10. They are way too comfortable, especially while skiing on a groomed terrain. Its binding makes speedy rides smooth, and it turns very easily. The sidewalls reach from tip to tail, which gives me more edgy support.


Rossignol Avenger 82 TI Ski w/ TPX/Axial2 120 Binding

I am a professional mountain skier. When I tried my new Rossignol Axial 2, I was truly surprised with the way performed. It kept up with every sharp turns, bumps, jumps and curves. When I ride faster down the mountains, my landings are more accurate than ever. I am looking forward to take my skiing to the next level soon.


Salomon Enduro LX 800 Ski System

My brother owns the Enduro LX 800, which is a front side oriented ski. When I got a chance to ride it on groomed snow, it responded very smoothly. It is lightweight, proportionate in width, and has the pulse pad for anti vibration. Its Single Ti Laminate gives me extra force to turn easily.


Atomic E Zone Alpine Ski's

I bought the Atomic E zone for my daughter because I liked the durable cap core, which gives the ski easy maneuverability. Its grip is perfect. My daughter just loved its trendy look and found it very smooth to ride in the snow park. She is just waiting to try it in our winter vacation at the mountain resort next week.