Best 10 Sleeping Bags for Camping

All best 10 Sports & Outdoors picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Sierra Designs Nitro

Sure, this sleeping bag might be expensive, but it's simply the best one you can get. Sleeping in this baby, you'll feel as warm and comfortable as in your bed!


Sierra Designs Pyro

A slightly older sleeping bag from Sierra Designs, it's still a great choice, whether you're going camping, on a survival tour or going to a festival. It's amazing, how comfortable a sleeping bag can be!


Teton Sports Mammoth

This sleeping bag rightfully deserves its name - Mammoth. It is designed to let a whole family sleep in it, and it's probably the greatest way to be close to each other while on a camping trip!


Columbia Bugaboo II

We don't know what the first Bugaboo sleeping bag was like, but this one surely deserves a spot in our top. It has a traditional design and it doesn't have any special qualities, but it is very cheap, very warm and very comfortable, you couldn't ask for anything more for this price.


Kelty Cosmic

This funky looking sleeping bag from Kelty won't help you with camouflage, but it certainly has its style, and it's rather compact, making it perfect for longer trips, and still warm enough to provide enough warmth even in winter!


Teton Sports Celsius

Another sleeping bag giant, this pick from Teton Sports isn't as huge as the Mammoth, but it certainly is larger than your usual sleeping bag. If space isn't a problem for you and you don't want to squeeze in a tiny sleeping bag, this is the pick for you!


Coleman Taos

Our seventh pick, Taos from Coleman is for those who like extreme camping in winter. This baby will keep you warm at any temperature, and it's actually very cheap for the quality it provides!


Eureka! Casper

Another sleeping bag suited for extreme colds, the Casper is slightly more expensive than Coleman Taos, but it allows you to sleep in even colder weather, making you feel warm and comfortable in temperatures as little as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.


Coleman White Water

Nearing the end of our list, Coleman White Weather is a very simple, yet qualitative sleeping bag. It's nothing really special, but if you just need some sleeping bag and don't want to spend a whole lot of money, you won't be disappointed with this product!


Suisse Sport

Last on our list is Suisse Sport, which is also the cheapest sleeping bag in this tip. It's nothing fancy, really, but it's still a solid pick for people who just need a sleeping bag for the occasional camping trip. Don't expect it to keep you warm in winter, though!