Best 10 Surf and Skate Men’s Shirts

All best 10 Casual Button-down Shirts picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Joe Browns Men's Perfect Party Shirt Floral XX-Large

Florals are for fun on men, so this is a great party shirt. The contrast is spiffy and the fabric 100% cotton for a breathable evening. This is a comfortable garment for any occasion, but for parties it can't be beat.


Joe Browns Men's Vintage Floral Shirt Floral XX-Large

Classic, but modern, both in one. The details on the collar and cuffs will make this your favorite shirt to wear out on the town. It's 100% cotton, so it breathes comfortably. The florals are a standard in my family for the men.


Joe Browns Men's Sandblasted Retro Shirt Blue Check X-Large

This sandblasted style makes my husband feel so comfortable. He's never stressed out when wearing this shirt and I like that. It is a retro design, but many men enjoy reliving their pasts.


Joe Browns Men's Crazy Print Shirt Multi Print Small

This is not for the timid. It speaks loudly for the confident man. If you are looking for conventional, this is not the shirt. I like the delicate balance of pinks and grays. I feel fun when I wear it.


Quiksilver Men's

I like how the collar buttons down in place and I never have to worry about whether it is turned up or not. The long sleeves are a bonus as well, though I enjoy rolling them up when I work. On top of this is the comfort of the soft cotton material.


Quiksilver Men's Kuta Reef Short Sleeve Woven Shirt, Blue, Large

My boyfriend is totally into the surf scene. So this color is ideal for his fantasies. It reminds him if the ocean. The polyester crosshatch is easy to keep free of wrinkles and the fish are swimming all around him in the design - simply paradise.


Joe Browns Men's Latin Spirit Shirt White XX-Large

This is the samba shirt for the Latino man in your life. The perfect match is either old or new jeans. Your man will feel on top of the world with this beautiful floral shirt. It looks great tucked in or hanging out.


Joe Browns Men's Great Detailed Stripe Shirt Blue/White XX-Large

The optical illusions fades out to a beautiful striped pattern the closer you get to this shirt. With the pockets, he'll have a place to stash anything important, like a phone, a pack of smokes, or almost anything.


Joe Browns Men's Summer Of Love Shirt Paisley XX-Large

This shirt makes a loud splash at the parties. The paisley pattern screams Love. It is perfect for the well-built man who is not afraid to put himself out on the line for the ladies. It is 100% cotton, so you'll be comfortable all night long.


Quiksilver Men's Burgess Bay Woven Shirt, White, Large

Classy and comfortable, this Burgess Bay woven garment feels as light as air. There is a pocket to slip in a phone number on a piece f paper, long sleeves to roll up when you mean business, and a hem on the shirttail.