Best Diamond Wedding Rings for Women in 2011 Apr18

Best Diamond Wedding Rings for Women in 2011

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Pave Princess Diamond Bridal Set in 14k White Gold

I love the center piece of my 1/2ct Princess Set finger ring, which is a 1/4ct diamond enclosed with small dazzling diamonds. It is one of the most elegant pieces of my jewelry collection. I keep admiring myself in the mirror whenever I put this set on.


Princess Cut 1ct Diamond Bridal Set in 14k White Gold

My husband gifted me the Princess Cut 1ct on the Valentine’s Day. I truly love to show off the 1/2ct large center diamond while I am out with my friends. It is neatly nested on the ring surrounded by small diamonds to give it a royal look. This beautiful ring fits my finger well, and I feel great wearing it.


14K White Gold Round 3 Stone Blue Diamond and White Diamond Ring

My fiancée presented me with the 3 Stone Blue and White diamond ring on our engagement anniversary. On a loving note, he told me that the blue and white diamonds on the ring signifies purity and peace, which will continue to be the essence of our everlasting relationship.


TW Pave Round Diamond Eternity Wedding Band 14k White Gold

My Eternity diamond wedding ring has been sparkling on my finger ever since I got married. It’s finely cut diamonds are flawlessly mounted on the gold band. I am happy that our relationship also sparkles like those diamonds, and I am positive about our togetherness forever.


Vintage White Gold Past Present Future Diamond Pave Eng

When I saw the 2.25CT Vintage Diamond ring on Amazon, I could hardly resist ordering one for myself. It looks traditional and has brilliantly cut 79 round sparkling diamonds. I am waiting now for the right occasion to wear this precious piece of jewelry.


Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

On our engagement, Peter gave me a lovely 3/4ct diamond solitaire ring, which I always longed for. Ever since I have my 14ct white gold diamond on me, people haven’t stopped complimenting me about it. Oh! I am glad he chose the ring that I wanted the most.


14k White Gold Diamond Classic Traditional Wedding Anniversary Band Ladies Womens Invisible Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Our first wedding anniversary is next week, and I wanted to buy something for my wife that signifies our perfect relationship. So, I decided to gift the Classic Traditional ring to my loving wife. I am sure she is going to love this ring, as it studded with sparkling 14K diamond.


White Gold Channel Set Baguette Diamond Ladies Womens Wedding or Anniversary 4mm Ring Band

I wanted to by the Baguette Diamond Ring Band right from the time I saw it in one of the magazines. I loved it’s neatly cut diamonds and the design. While surfing the net, I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the Amazon and that too for a good discounted price. I knew that it was the opportunity of a lifetime for me.


Three-Stone Diamond Promise Ring in Sterling Silver

My boyfriend and I were looking for a perfect ring for our engagement and that’s when we found the Three Stone Promise ring. It also fitted our budget well. I am so happy that I got such an enchanting and stunning diamond ring on the most memorable day of my life.


Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring 14K White Gold Set

My Pave Diamond Ring is a surprise gift from my husband, as he was not home on our wedding anniversary. I love the traditional aura of this ring enhanced with perfect cut radiant 72 diamonds set in 14k white gold. After having this beautiful ring, I think it was worth being alone on our anniversary.