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Best 10 Digital Pianos Dec06

Best 10 Digi...

1. Nord Stage 2 HA88, 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Stage Piano (AMS-NS2 HA88) I bought the Nord Stage 2 HA88 on advice of my elder brother, who is an excellent keyboardist. I play it sometimes, and its clarity simply mesmerizes me. It is very versatile, allowing me to play piano, electric organ and synthesizer all the same time. 2. Yama

Best 10 Portable Keyboards in 2011 Nov14

Best 10 Port...

1. Korg 76-key Professional Arranger Keyboard I was quite excited when I got my Korg 76 as a birthday gift, and now my bedroom has been transformed into a music studio. It is really nice to enjoy the beats. The touchscreen is convenient too, because I don't have to turn the knobs. I am able to get hold of the right sound just by tapping the scr