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Skiing - Best 10 Picks
Best 10 Skiing Goggles in 2012 Jan18

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1. Zeal Optics Zeal Z3 Gps Goggle It was a pleasant surprise to receive the Z3 GPS Goggles from my mom on my birthday. It is quite a sophisticated accessory with GPS functions. I also like the softness of these goggles which makes it very comfortable to wear. 2. HaberVision Highline Eliminator Fan Goggle - White/Gold My new HaberVision

Best 10 Helmets for This Winter Dec21

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1. Pro-tec Vigilante Plantronics AF Audio Snow Helmet I used to face difficulties handling my portable music player headset while wearing my riding helmet. My brand new Pro-tec Vigilante is super cool, because it comes with in a built-in headset that can be perfectly positioned on my ears. 2. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Vantage Snow Sport

Best 10 Ski Boots for This Winter Dec20

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1. Titan Ultralight TF AT Boot - Men's by Dynafit While searching for a pair of good skiing boots on the net, I stumbled upon the Titan Ultralight, and I knew that I had to buy it immediately. It is technologically designed to give rigidity and perfect support to my legs and calf muscles. 2. Nordica Firearrow F1 Ski Boot Mens If you ar

Best 10 Skis for This Winter Nov28

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1. Elan GSX Waveflex Race Skis with ELX 14.0 Fusion Bindings 2012 My GSX Waveflex is quite smooth while skiing at high speeds, with its aggressive edge grip at the tail. Its special feature of the fusion integrated system, with two free gliding plates connected to the ski at a mid point, helps me to move swiftly on steep slopes. 2. Ros