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Water Sport - Best 10 Picks
Currently Best 10 Fishing Rods Oct23

Currently Be...

1. G. loomis Classic Spin Jig A returning classic, the Spin Jig from G. loomis. This fishing rod will make bass fishing a walk in the park, as it's specifically suited for lighter line and smaller lures and the perfect balancing makes fishing a child's game. 2. G. loomis Trout/Panfish Spin This ultra-light freshwater fishing rod is ma

Best 10 Diving Fins For Summer in 2011 Apr26

Best 10 Divi...

1. C4 81 VGR Fins I was a weak swimmer and had inflexible ankles, but after my dad gifted me the C4 81 Fins on my birthday, I have noticed a lot of improvement in my strides. I have been regularly practicing with them, and now my ankles are more flexible, and I'm able to swim a lot faster. 2. Apollo Bio Fins Pro C-Series After I bough