Top 10 Swimming Pools For Summer in 2011 Jul05

Top 10 Swimming Pools For Summer in 2011

All best 10 Garden picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Bermuda 18' x 33' Oval

Our top place, the Bermuda pool is made of powder coated Aluminium, that won't corrode in water, and it also adds a beautiful gloss to the water. This king size swimming pool will spice up your garden party, and the lifetime warranty makes sure the party never ends!


Bermuda 15' x 30' Oval

Second place is the younger brother of the Bermuda family, a smaller size pool, which still retains all the qualities of the first pick. Really, only the size differs - it's still resistant to corrosion and still comes with a lifetime warranty.


Rolling Rapids 18' x 33'

The Rolling Rapids pool is a real kicker. The king sized swimming pool has room for all your guests and family. The drawbacks include a weaker material and a limited warranty for 'only' 20 years, but it does have some nifty extra functions like automatic sand filter and even a pool fountain!


Aruba 18' x 33' Oval/Round

This pick might be the sturdiest one in the list. The newest materials provide extra strength, as well as resistance to corrosion. If you compare swimming pools to cars, this would be a tank. Of course, it comes for a cost.


Splash Pool 33' x 18'-Inch Oval

The designers of this pool decided to stick to old traditions - galvanization protects from corrosion, with a pleasant pattern on the outer side and a subtle shade of blue on the inside. The package includes a sand filter, a ladder and a standard wide-mouth skimmer. All in all, a good, classical pick.


Intex Ultra Frame 32' x 16' Rectangle

The first rectangle swimming pool in our list has some tricks up its sleeve. Not only is it huge as a public swimming pool, but it also has a very desirable saltwater system, which can make you feel you're swimming in an ocean. What's interesting, is that the package also includes a volleyball set!


Swim N Play Pool Deck 33' x 18'

This classic swimming pool is your pick if you're interested in saving some bucks. It offers a solid package of sturdy aluminum fencing, as well as aluminum ladders inside and outside the pool. It doesn't however, include anything else. To put it simple - it's a pool, and nothing else.


Intex 24' round

Another pick from the cheaper end, the Intex pool will make sure you experience all the fun of a swimming pool for the lowest possible price. The filter, saltwater mode and the volleyball set allow you to experience some diversity in your everyday swimming pool usage.


Intex 18' x 9 Rectangular

This gray beast is Intex's version of a rectangular pool. It might be smaller than others, but it sure is cheaper, while its biggest benefit is the extremely powerful water pump, which makes sure your swimming pool is ready in 60 minutes or less!


Intex 18' Round

Although not of the most attractive appearance, our last pick still rightfully deserves the place. It is a bit sturdier than its rectangular brother, but it is still somewhat lacking in size. Still, it has everything a basic swimming pool needs, and you'll be ready for a swim in no time!