What are Currently Best Tennis Rackets? Oct26

What are Currently Best Tennis Rackets?

All best 10 Tennis picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Wilson '11 Cierzo Two BLX Tennis Racquet

A Sledge Hammer design, light weight, oversize head and extra leverage length - these things do speak for themselves. A truly great racquet, especially for those who have been waiting to upgrade their old Sledge Hammer!


HEAD Youtek Seven Star Tennis Racquet

The most control-oriented racquet in the Star line. Thanks to its YouTek technology, it is stiffened on the faster swings while remaining more flexible on the slower ones for better precision and feel. In result it is a stable and precise racquet which provides excellent power. A good choice!


Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus Tennis Racquet & 3 Pack Bag Bundle

This is the latest update to slightly longer and heavier Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Plus, and it is realy worth looking at. The manufacturer claims 26% more precision compared to the previous one and excellent balance of control, power and maneuverability. It has really earned the third place in this top!


Volkl Power Bridge 1

Still providing a very good control, this racquet is designed to be an ultimate power machine. Almost every part of it is made to help the player accelerate the ball with maximum force!


Wilson K Zero K Factor Tennis Racquet Size: 4 3/8

Best suited for begginners, this racquet is the lightest K Factor racquet offered by Wilson. If you have started playing tennis just recently, this might just be the best choice for you!


Head Tis5 Comfortzone Performance Tennis Racquet (Pre-Strung)

One of the racquets for those who seek the best price-performance product in 2011. At just 64.95$ it cannot be called expensive, yet it provides great maneuverability and comfort!


DUNLOP Aerogel 400 Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet 4 3/8 Grip

Not as perfectly priced as the previous one, this still is a great choice if you do not want to spend all of your money on tennis equipment. Being a lightweight racquet, it still is quite strong thanks to its Aerogel material, providing a good balance between power and control.


Yonex RDiS 200 LIGHT Tennis Racquet

Predictable and providing excellent control - that's how this racquet can be characterised. If not the price (around 200$), this racquet could definitely be a lot higher in this top!


Becker 11 325g

Being a professional racquet that meets tournament standarts, it still is well-priced and controllable. Its flexible frame construction provides excellent power and control, and that is what most players expect from a racquet like this.


Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet Prestrung

Considered being a lightweight racquet, it still develops great power, it is quite well controllable and easily maneuverable. Although this has barely reached our top, it is worth taking a look at if you do not want to spend all of your budget on a racquet - pricing from $69.98 - $82.69 in Amazon speaks for itself!