Best 10 Toys & Games 5-7 Years Old Apr28

Best 10 Toys & Games 5-7 Years Old

All best 10 Toys & Games picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

Let your children cultivate butterflies from larvae to see one of the amazing miracles of life in action. This will inspire them about their own transformation as the grow up themselves. This toy has lifelong impact and value.


LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Starter Set 2257

Your kid can build a Spinjitsu fighting arena and battle to the death. There are two action figures, Master of Lightning, Jay, and the Skeleton Army's baddest warrior, Frakjaw. Use battle cards, character cards, spinners, and weapons to face off against each other in Lego land - Ninja Lego at its best!


Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pads

These gel pads are ideal for your cycling demon child. The fit on the elbows and knees to protect them when they tumble, because as much as you want them not to, you know it will happen. Protect their delicate joints as any good parent would with these gel pads made for tough play.


Nerf N-Strike Maverick - Colors May Vary

Load it up fast and fire off even faster! Get better and better at battle as the barrel rotates. This is an air-powered shooter. The barrel flips open easily to pop in 6 suction darts. It is designed for 6 years and up and your kids will have more fun than you could ever imagine with this.


Uncle Milton Moon In My Room

Hang the moon on the wall (with 2AAA batteries) and set it on manual or automatic to display up to 12 phases. Download an MP3 guided tour with the included code. It automatically shuts itself off as well. The detailed 3D surface is extremely accurate, so you child will learn the surface by heart.


Snap Circuits SC-300

Your child can be building burglar alarms, AM radios, and even broadcasting a radio program. There are 60 parts to the Electronic Circuits educational workshop. It includes a whopping 300 projects to build and your child will learn how capacitors, transistors, and time-delay circuits work.


Webkinz Rabbit

Bring this 10" rabbit to life. Give it a cute name, build a home for it and play games. Recommended ages from 3 up. The special code allows you to access many features of the animal Online. It is so soft and furry, the animal will be loved even just on its feel, let along the life it gets.


Perplexus Epic

Take the steely along a path and get through over 125 barriers of increasing difficulty. Prove the gravity is not your master. The twists are unique, so if you've played the Original, this one will blow your mind.


Uno Card Game

Here it is! The word is embedded in your brain, so now you can brainwash your own children with it. UNO! This is the classic card game for all Americans. It is unpredictable and hosts form 2 to 10 players. Ideal for number recognition.



This is that nerve wracking wooden block game that drove you crazy in college. Now put your children on edge with it. They'll stack the blocks as high as heaven and watch as the tower tottles over and falls.