Best 10 Luggages

All best 10 Clothing & Accessories picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Bric's Life Pelle Deluxe Garment Bag (Cognac)

This brilliant Tuscan bovine vegetable tanned leather is designed and built from a traditional craft that dates back centuries. The espresso bean color blends well with all travel outfits. The external has many zippered pouches for easy access to extras.


Brics Life Pelle 21

This is part of a vegetable tanned leather collection that re-institutes a traditional craft. Aging the leather gives it the nostalgic appearance. You have two ways of carrying it, but strolling or the handle straps.


Crown XX 3 Piece Spinner Set-Gold Brush

This polycarbonate set of luggage gives you the durability you need for your belongings to arrive safely at your destination and it is German made. The 3-digit TSA approved combination lock assures no one will break in so easily, but checkpoints are still a breeze.


Live Luggage PA Series Power Assisted Suitcase

If you find luggage a labor, try this power assisted suitcase. The nantechnology and pancake motors for the wheels drive this work of art. There is even a sensor system that intelligently guides the suitcase.


Britto Collection by Heys USA Palm 4 Piece Set B705-4Pc Set

This is one of the funnest sets of suitcases available. They are strong, made with a polycarbonate composite, but protected by a coat of gloss that shines. The rear wheels are larger, to allow better navigation.


Louis Vuitton Garment Bag

Here is a work of art and history. It is a real vintage garment bag that has been cared for quite carefully. The name tag still bears the initials of the original owner as a mark of authenticity. Own a piece of travel history.


Rowallan Turnberry - Brown

This Turnberry makes a big style statement. You can easily fit 2 complete suits inside, along with whatever else you need. The external zipper pouches allows you to add things you forgot until the last minute.


Hartmann Wings 27

What a wonderful suitcase. It is easily wheeled with a pull handle and it expands its depth to allow for additional packing. You will never run out of room with this stylish suitcase. The colors easily match any travel outfit you wear.


Bric's BLK02520 Safari 42

Your belongings will remain safe against any weather. The PVC base keeps the rain out, as does the waterproof bovine vegetable tanned leather trim. Your belongings will get the velvet glove treatment with the polyester lining. Wheel it behind you or carry it by the handle.


Zero Halliburton, 28

You will never lose your suitcase anywhere again with this neon flashing light. The bright blue is unmistakable. The polycarbonate casing is sturdy and light - more than an aluminum shell. The TSA approved lock makes it easy to navigate security checkpoints.