Currently Best 10 Fishing Rods Oct23

Currently Best 10 Fishing Rods

All best 10 Fishing picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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G. loomis Classic Spin Jig

A returning classic, the Spin Jig from G. loomis. This fishing rod will make bass fishing a walk in the park, as it's specifically suited for lighter line and smaller lures and the perfect balancing makes fishing a child's game.


G. loomis Trout/Panfish Spin

This ultra-light freshwater fishing rod is mainly designed for Panfish, but many different applications will make it suited for catching bass, shad, trout, bonefish and even sea trout. A great all-round spinning rod!


Okuma Nomad Travel

This extremely durable European-design rod from Okuma is the perfect pick for fishing adventures in exotic places. For best saltwater fishing experience, you couldn't do better than with this fishing rod!


Lamiglas Surf King

This saltwater fishing rod from Lamiglas is perhaps less versatile than our first two picks, but the premium graphite blank 10-foot long rod surely does live up to its expectations when it comes to luring the fish out of the depths and onto the beach!


Shakespeare Ugly Stik 6-feet 6-inch

You probably couldn't find anything lighter than Ugly Stik. Only 6 foot long, this fishing rod is perfect for those narrow creeks and bays, and the 5 year warranty gives you a nice feeling, although the rod is really not likely to break.


Shimano Voltaeus

This ultra-light spinning rod from Shimano could be the most flexible fishing rod on our list. Being only 5 feet long, this rod is very fun to fish with, but it's probably not suited for real professionals. The price, however, is great for the quality provided!


Shakespeare Ugly Stik 7-feet

Another action rod from Shakespeare, it's unbelievable how cheap it is, compared to its performance. It doesn't have a particular specialty, but it sure is one fine all-round fishing rod!


Okuma Longitude

This 11-foot heavy action mammoth is made for those 40-pound weekend highscores. It's definitely not something you could take with yourself everywhere you go, but when you're determined for a biggie, you'd want to be prepared with this fishing rod!


Okuma Tundra

Stepping further into big game fishery tools, here's another pick from Okuma. Reaching 15 foot in length, this rod is practically indestructible and ready for any heavy trophy fish in your proximity.


Shakespeare Ugly Stik 5-feet 10-inches

Last on our list is another Ugly Stik from Shakespeare. It's intended for medium action, and it won't be the fishing rod you catch the biggest fish in your life with, but for the price presented it's a very nice pick!