Best 10 Airsoft Rifles in 2011 Jul14

Best 10 Airsoft Rifles in 2011

All best 10 Airsoft picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Echo1 Mini-Gun

This incredible mini-gun shoots several thousand rounds per minute. If you're looking for the ultimate airsoft gun, this is the pick. Even the looks of it will scare the hell out of everyone!


Echo1l M240 Bravo

The slightly less powerful second pick is barely behind. This behemoth of a gun will make sure you dominate everyone in your airsoft game, and it's great for setting up camping positions.


Vega Force M4-E3 16

The Vega Force M4 is the ultimate airsoft gun for those who like fast-paced movement and maneuverability. Although not as powerful as our first two picks, this gun truly shines when it comes to action-filled, active airsoft games, rather than those based on camping.



This baby from Magpul certainly doesn't shoot as fast as our top 3, and the magazine holds only 120 rounds, but it is a lot smaller and lighter, making sure you don't get tired after 10 minutes. Overall, this is a great choice for those who want to endure as long as possible.


G&G GF76L Rifle

Even though this rifle from G&G is quite heavy, it does have some amazing qualities. First of all, the speed of the projectile reaches up to 440 feet per second, which is about the fastest you can get with an airsoft rifle. Also, the 450 round magazine makes sure you don't have to go back for a refill in the middle of the game!


King Arms SIG 556

Another battlefield gun, the King Arms SIG 556 is what you would call a mid-class gun. Not excelling with high projectile speed or large magazine capacity, it still is a great choice, but more experienced airsoft players will probably choose something more personalized.


G&G G96 Sniper Rifle

The first sniper rifle in our list, this baby fires projectiles at the speed of 625 feet per second which is something that has never been seen before. Its lightweight construction, combined with the incredible projectile speed and accuracy will make sure you're the ultimate sniper in your airsoft game!


TSD Tactica AK74U

This pick is for those looking for a good price-performance ratio. Mediocre speed, mediocre magazine and mediocre weight, this AK47 replica is nothing particularly amazing, but it is relatively cheap and it won't fail you!


Olympic Arms M4A1

Almost at the bottom of our list is the replica of the famous M4A1 rifle. Partially suited for camping and partially for running, it doesn't excel at any game mode, but it's a good overall pick when you're not sure about your tactics.


G&G RK47

Some of the great things about our last pick, the G&G RK47 include an amazing fire speed of 430 feet per second, as well as a 600 round magazine. There is, however, one huge drawback - this airsoft rifle is so heavy that you probably wouldn't last an hour with it in your hands. But it still made it in our list, so it's still a solid pick!