Best 10 Toys For Cats in 2011 Apr29

Best 10 Toys For Cats in 2011

All best 10 Cats picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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PetSafe SlimCat Food Distributor Ball

I am early riser, and so is my cat. The first thing she asks whenever she wakes up is her meal. Weekdays are not an issue, but I really get annoyed if I have to wake up early mornings on weekends just to feed her. However, with the help of the Slim Cat Ball, I can place the cat food at nights and let her eat it whenever she feels like.


Da Bird Feather Teaser

My cats are very energetic and they simply love playing with my son. He makes them play with the Da Bird Teaser, and always it is so much fun to see my cats competing with each other, and trying to jump higher than the other.


FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

My poor little Mini suffered from severe gastric problems in the past few weeks, and I had to take her to our vet a couple of times. My vet told me that the problem exists only because she is very lazy, and suggested the Laser Pet toy for my cat. Now, she is much more active playing with these laser beams, and I am happy to see her fit and fine.


Cat Charmer

My boyfriend bought the Cat Charmer toy for my cat on the Christmas Eve. Now, it is not only me who is in love with him, but my cat too. She loves it, and enjoys jumping up and down to catch those colored ribbons. We are now able to spend quality time with each other.


Ethical Pet Products Colorful Springs Cat Toy

I have adopted two kittens and they are just six months old. Both of them love to play with the Colorful Springs, which I recently picked it up from the supermarket near my place. I am glad that they don’t seek too much attention from me, while I am working from home.


Play-N-Squeak Mouse Hunter

When I went to buy toys for my Misty, I saw the Mouse Hunter. I immediately knew that she would certainly love to play with it and I was so right. She enjoys chasing it and after catching it, she runs round the house happily holding it in her mouth, like she has won some battle.


Da Bird Cat Catcher

Last week, my grandson bought the Cat Catchers for the 8 cats in our farmhouse. Now, I am happy to see my cats running after the catcher, which has a small mouse with a long tail attached to the wand. They do not laze around much these days.


SmartCat Peek-a-Prize

I recently bought the Peek-a-prize toy for my Trinkle, to add to her collection of toys. I noticed that she immediately got engrossed into peeking what’s inside the box, and was playing with it throughout the day. It is quite safe toy, and to make it more interesting for her, I keep some biscuits in it.


Set of 2 Cat Cubes

Just two weeks back, my husband bought the Cat Cubes for my two lovely furry pets. They seem to be happy having their own private place. This team of two does not only play inside those cubes, they also sleep inside them.



The Cat N Mouse is my Chubby’s favorite toy. He never misses an opportunity to play with it. Whenever my friends are at home for a late night movie, I give this toy to him, as it is noiseless and keeps him busy.