Best 10 Power Toothbrushes May05

Best 10 Power Toothbrushes

All best 10 Oral Hygiene picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Philips Sonicare HX6733/70 HealthyWhite 3 Mode Premium Edition Rechargeable Toothbrush 2 Sets (2 handles, 2 brush heads, 1 Hydro Clean UV Sanitizer with Integrated Charger, 1 Travel charger, 2 Travel cases)

What a super unit! It sanitizes with UV, is rechargeable, has two handles and heads, The Sonicare patented technology takes the tea and coffee stains off, leaving your teeth naturally whiter than before.


Rotadent Rota Dent PLUS Toothbrush NEWEST 2011 MODEL

The rotadent includes 3 speeds, for normal, sensitive, and orthodontic care. The handle is comfortable to grip and there are three disposable heads. The microfilament brush is specially tailored to slip in and clean under the gums and between teeth. This cuts down on both gingivitis and dental plaque.


Zila Prodentec Rotadent Classic, White

My wife loves the feeling of this electric toothbrush. Rotodent is a name we trust, because we have known it all our lives. This is a simple machine that is easy to clean and operate.


Philips Sonicare CleanCare HX5853/71 Power Toothbrush with Quadpacer ***Twin Pack*** (2 Handles, 3 Standard brush heads, 2 Brush head holders, 2 Charger bases, & 2 Travel cases)

This is the Cadillac of home dental care systems. The Sonicare slips water under your gums to clean, as well as employing the patented bristle system. Together, these will improve your checkups in 28 days, guaranteed by Philips.


Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus (DENTAL PROFESSIONAL MODEL HX 6992/03) PLUS Waterpik Power Flosser

I have waited all my life for an automated flossing system and Philips has done it. Purchase this great Sonicare Flexicare electric toothbrush and get the Waterpik Power Flosser as well, with 10,000 delicate strokes every minute.


Spinbrush Pro Recharge Battery Powered Toothbrush

The Spinbrush is an affordable electric toothbrush. Its head is split into two heads that move independently for deeper and more thorough cleaning. You will love its simplicity.


Violight Slim Sonic Toothbrush, Stripe

What a fashion statement! The Violight Slim is a truly portable electric toothbrush, while bearing the mark of style as well. The cap is like your mascara cap, snapping right on to keep it clean.


Colgate Kids Sponge Bob Powered Toothbrush, Extra Soft Bristles, Colors and Styles May Vary, (Pack of 2)

It is hard enough to get kids to brush their teeth, let alone to interest them in doing it long enough to be worth it. Here is Sponge Bob and his friends.The heads are extra soft for the child's mouth.


Sprinbrush Pro Whitening Battery Powered Toothbrush, Medium (Colors May Vary)

This is a simple electric toothbrush made by Crest, the toothpaste manufacturer. They know what they are doing. The heads are thinner to make it easier to reach tight spots, and the heads are dual action.


Spinbrush For Kids Battery Powered Toothbrush, Thomas The Train, Colours may Vary

Spinbrush has done it again. Here is a toothbrush with many fun handles for kids to enjoy while spending the time they should brushing their teeth. There is iron man, butterfly, hulk, spider-man, pikachu, skateboard, and wolverine.