Best 10 Nikon SLR Cameras in 2012

All best 10 Digital Cameras picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Nikon D3X

You want top class performance and format and the Nikon D3X delivers. The mechanism is fast and silent, yielding 5 fps shooting and a full 51-point autofocus. Everyone's favorite feature is the 27x magnification that extends your reach beyond your imagination.


Nikon D3S

The tight chasis locks out dust and moisture, while this beauty shoots at 9 fps. Grab smooth, 24 fps, HD video, thanks to scene recognition and the 51-point AF system. Even the sound is high fidelity.


Nikon D2xs

True color rendition, together with delicate gradations and transitions that blend smoothly, prove the D2XS is a successful collaboration between Nikon and professional photographers. Every button and function is intuitive, freeing your creativity to express itself.


Nikon D300

It has a fast power-up cycle and responds to my every touch. I can rest at ease knowing the sensor is cleaning itself, so my every shot is crystal clear. With ISO's of 100, 200-3200, 6400 I know I can snap that photo at the perfect speed and light combination.


Nikon D700

The D700 is appealing because the sensor format size is nearly identical to 35mm film. This beauty yields superior quality, wide range of tone, and minimal noise all across its 200-6400 ISO range. This is an excellent choice for the advanced photographer or as an introductory professional camera.


Nikon D300s

The D300s is a great all around camera. The light meter is extremely accurate, so it's easy to get the right exposure. The smaller pixels mean finer control at low ISO, plus you'll save up to $1000 over the D700.


Nikon D200

Even in the shadows of the photo there is a lot of detail captured. Also, importing photos from other cameras is a breeze and uploading is very fast. You can export, tag, re-size, crop, and even email. The interface is also complete and a pleasure to work with.


Nikon D80

The AF selections are sweet, as are also the grid lines and double exposure enhancements. There is even a cover to protect the LCD on the back. Although the aperture is normal size and the photos don't just jump out at you like with larger lenses, the image quality is rock solid.


Nikon D70S

This is the daily photo journal digital SLR, which is ideal for recording day to day events. The 6.1 megapixel resolution sets a limit of 11" x 17" for prints. The color resolution is more than satisfactory, but the auto-focus is super. For a completely manual camera, this is well worth your money.


Nikon D90

The 3" LCD is much larger and far sharper than the D80. That means a better resolution for image examination. This is a perfect camera for the serious amateur, especially with the high ISO performance.