Best 10 HTC Phones in Summer 2011 Apr14

Best 10 HTC Phones in Summer 2011

All best 10 Cell Phones picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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HTC Touch Diamond2

Smartphones never cease to fascinate me. HTC Touch Diamond2 has everything that you would possibly want in any Smartphone. After purchasing an unlocked one from the net, all I had to do was insert my SIM card and start using it.


HTC Desire HD

The first photo after I got my HTC Desire was of my beautiful granddaughter, and the picture quality was just unbelievable, so crisp. It is slim and light and easy to hold, while chatting for a long time.



The HTC HD2 is undoubtedly one of my best buys to date. It works wonderfully on 3G networks and the speed in which it processes streaming videos is amazing. I love the GPS System of this phone, and it helps me keep track of my friends’ locations anytime.


HTC Wildfire

I was waiting to buy the HTC Wildfire after reading the reviews, but felt that the price was a little above my reach. The moment I read about 51% discount, I could not wait any longer. I got a great bargain on this fully loaded phone.


HTC Touch Dual

I just love writing and I was looking for a Windows powered mobile phone, with which I could use MS word. HTC Touch Dual was perfect for my needs, and more importantly it is compatible with both GSM and WCDMA networks. I was able to nicely consolidate both my phone books into just one phone.


HTC 7 Surround Windows Phone

Being a freelance journalist, my phone has to be fully loaded with features while being portable. The main advantage of HTC 7 windows over my old iPhone is the Sense UII. The display of 7 panoramic screens with widget based interface makes connecting on my social networking profiles a lot easier.


HTC 7 Pro

This is a real cool phone for writing e-mails and sending MMS via Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP. The HTC 7 Pro has a raised QWERTY keyboard on which you can type easily and comfortably. It has a stand for watching videos and is mostly targeted to teenagers who just cannot live without messaging.


HTC Shift with 40 GB Memory

I am possessive about my music collection and I just cannot think of being away from it for long. This HTC Shift has 40 GB memory, which gives me the flexibility to carry my music with me wherever I go.


HTC T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide

This is my first experience with an Android phone, and the HTC MyTouch was an excellent choice for me. It comes with great picture quality, 3G compatibility, slider keyboard, and touch-screen. The audio quality is great when I connect it to by computer speakers and the price is well within my budget.


HTC EVO 4G Android Phone

The HTC Evo is a versatile phone and its browsing, uploading and downloading facilities on the net are superfast, thanks to its 4G connectivity. The screen is quite big, so editing text and e-mailing are a breeze. Its 8 mega pixel camera with 8 GB inbuilt memory makes my pictures truly special.