Best 10 Skiing Goggles in 2012 Jan18

Best 10 Skiing Goggles in 2012

All best 10 Skiing picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Zeal Optics Zeal Z3 Gps Goggle

It was a pleasant surprise to receive the Z3 GPS Goggles from my mom on my birthday. It is quite a sophisticated accessory with GPS functions. I also like the softness of these goggles which makes it very comfortable to wear.


HaberVision Highline Eliminator Fan Goggle - White/Gold

My new HaberVision is one of the best designed snow goggles that I've ever seen for quite some time. It is smartly designed for better visibility, even during the foggiest of weathers, and it gives me a wide peripheral view.


Giro Adler Goggle / Vermillion Lens - Youth - Available in Various Colors and Designs

When I presented the Giro Adler to my son, he fell in love with it immediately, for its design and comfort. Although it is tough and durable, it has a soft feel about it. This model is exclusively designed for the kids who love racing down slopes.


ED HARDY EHG 880 Small/Red Snow Goggles

My Ed Hardy goggles have quite a unique retro look about them, and my friends never fail to notice the classy design when I'm wearing them during our snow outings. It is the kind of unique design that always stands out in a crowd.


Oakley Unisex-Adult Splice Goggle

If you are into winter sports, I would like to recommend the Oakley Splice Goggle. The frame design is quite unique, which gives me extra comfort with just about the right balance of pressure. I never expected ski goggles to be so comfortable until I bought this one.


Oakley Airbrake Alternative Fit Goggles

I found Oakley Airbrake to be the most comfortable high performance ski goggles of all. I was quite impressed with the features when I checked out the reviews on the net. Since it is made by Oakley, I did not have to worry too much about the quality.


Zeal Optics Eclipse SPPX Goggle

I surprised my son by giving him the Eclipse SPPX Goggle just a day before he was leaving for his winter camp. It is made with versatile lenses that can easily adapt to all lighting conditions. The anti-fog feature enhances the visibility even in bad skiing conditions.


Julbo Revolution Goggle

When I asked for advice on ski goggles from my ski instructor, he recommended the Julbo Revolution. The photochromic lens, along with the advanced anti-fog features easily adjusts to poor light conditions. It gives me total comfort under all light variations throughout the day.


Dragon APXs Goggles 2012

When it comes to buying goggles, I am a little particular about the safety of my eyes. This is exactly the reason why I went for the Dragon APXs. The lenses on these goggles are optically designed for accuracy.


Electric EG2.5 Snow Goggle

The Ergonomic frame design of the Electric EG2.5 was the most appealing feature to me. It gives excellent protection from the harmful glare of UV rays. The design is made to be perfectly compatible with skiing helmets.