Best 10 Hand Trucks Dec13

Best 10 Hand Trucks

All best 10 Hardware picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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CSC12301ABL1D - 3-in-1 Convertible Truck

The CSC12301 hand truck is easy to maneuver and its deep cart allows me to carry bulky things effortlessly. Now, I can shift my luggage and heavy items such as furniture in a matter of no time at all. It is an excellent two-wheeled, heavy duty loading carrier, which can also be converted into a four-wheel truck.


Magliner Gemini Senior 2 In 1 Convertible Hand Truck with Pneumatic Wheels

I recently bought the Magliner Gemini to help me carry all my tools while gardening. It is quite compact and needs less storage space. It can easily be converted from a 2-wheeled hand truck to a 4-wheeled one, which comfortably assists me in moving small pots, seeds, or manure sack from one place to another.


Harper Trucks DTBK1935P Heavy Duty Convertible Hand Truck

I work in the packing department and we just got the new DTBK1935P. This dual-function cart is light in weight and easy to maneuver packages to our labeling department. Our warehouse looks spacious, as it is quite compact and occupies very little space.


Best Value Folding Hand Cart 275 Lb. Capacity

I am glad my son bought this new Folding 275 Lb. cart, while we were moving out of the house across the street. The cart saved us from pulling the heavy cases and boxes during packing and shifting them to the new house. It can be neatly folded and kept in one corner, as it takes very little space.


Norris 450 250-Pound Capacity Telescoping Utility Cart

I own a small time department store and I often have to carry huge boxes of supplies from the storeroom to their respective units. With my strong and sturdy Norris 450, I can easily manage to do it without any help from the other workers. It balances the goods well, and does not give my old arms too much of stress.


WESCO Folding Hand Trucks

My dad is a photographer and he uses his WESCO to carry his photography-gear whenever he is on the move. It is very compact, and it folds and unfolds easily. Dad always has one neatly kept in the back of his car. Although it is made of steel, it is light and can be carried around easily.


Safco 4050 Hide-Away Convertible Hand Truck

My mom has a chronic back problem, so I bought her the Safco 4050 to help her carry things from one place to another without straining her back. It can be used as a hand or a platform truck and can be easily folded. My mom always keeps it close at hand, so that she can use it whenever she needs, either in kitchen, storeroom or hallway.


Harper Trucks 6781 800-Pound Capacity Appliance Dolly

As a librarian, I usually have to purchase and move piles of books and magazines on arrivals. My work has become much easier after the college gave me the Harper Truck for the job. I enjoy using this truck and it is very handy and comfortable even while carrying bigger loads.


Safco Medium-Size StowAway Collapsible Hand Truck

I am happy about having bought the Safco StowAway folding cart, which is lightweight and helps me move my belongings with great ease. This compatible truck also occupies less space in my storage room. Its solid rubber tires move freely and allow me to shift my things with comfort.


MILWAUKEE Lightweight Convertible Hand Trucks

My MILWAUKEE has a unique combination of steel and polymer, which makes it light in weight. It is rust free, strong, and sturdy, and it balances heavy duty goods like a piece of furniture or a sack of seeds quite well. It can convert into a 4-wheeled truck when required. Its swivel casters and pneumatic tires make it quite simple to move our luggage.