Best 10 Motorcycle Covers Mar24

Best 10 Motorcycle Covers

All best 10 Accessories picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Pilot Automotive CC-6333 Blue/Silver Large Motorcycle Cover

I bought this simple cover to clean off the snow easily from my motorcycle. I do not regret it at all. I just pull it off and go! My motorcycle stays warmer at night too.


Classic Accessories 73534 MotoGear Large Scooter Cover

I like to go on camping trips on my scooter. This cover folds up very small to fit in a tiny pouch in my pack. It protects against dirt, UV, pollution, and rain. It doesn't even fade.


Dowco 50005-02 Guardian WeatherAll Plus Black XX-Large Motorcycle Cover

My wife bought it for my birthday and it is a full-sized cover. It is sturdy polyester with a rainguard coating and vents and a heat shield on the muffler area. The seams are taped to for better performance sealing from rain and snow.


Nelson-Rigg MC-904-03-LG Black Large Deluxe All-Season MC-904 Cover

This polyester treated for UV rays and water resistant is quite light weight. There is ventilating to prevent condensation and a soft liner to guard the windshield against scratches. The lower parts are heat resistant.


Heavy Duty Motorcycle cover (XXL). Fits up to 108

This cool, black cover comes in XXL to cover any dressed out bike. It is polyester, treated to protect against the weather (rain, snow, and UV). There's ventilation, heat resistance in the lower parts, and chamois on the windshield section.


Light weight Motorcycle cover (XXL). Fits up to 108

I love my bike cover. It's large enough, light enough, water-resistant and folds down for travel. It is breathable and double-stitched with heat resistance on the lower parts. There is even a storage bag. I am impressed.


Pilot Automotive CC-6323 Silver Large Motorcycle Cover

This isn't one of those gaudy XXL covers, but a straight forward large covering for my bike. It just does the job, without all the bells and whistles. I couldn't have been happier when my daughter bought this for me.


Motogear Deluxe Motorcycle Cover - Cruiser

The really amazing feature on this cover is the elastic bottom, which is also lockable. It will never blow off at night. There is a stuff sack and the cover has an interior heat shielding. Your windshield will not get scratched from this either.


Raider Black and Silver Large Motorcycle Cover

My woman nearly fell out of her chair when she opened this gift. It is so elegant in design she was flabbergasted. The black and silver is beautiful. The whole bike will be covered, but this is really designed for protecting your bike while in storage, not outdoors.


Classic Accessories MotoGear Motorcycle Cruiser Dust Cover

Lock it up. Don't worry about scratching the windshield. Cover it while in storage. There is a small pouch to store the cover in as well. Rest assured your bike will remain clean in storage while you're gone.