Best 10 Nail Polish Mar22

Best 10 Nail Polish

All best 10 Makeup Nails picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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CND Shellac Color Coat with UV3 Technology, Top Coat

I bought this because I heard it was a two-week top coat that really stays well. You simply cure it under a UV lamp after cleaning your nail with acetone. The nails are then smooth and slick.


OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

You can't beat this for a base coat. It prevents your nails from staining and is a simple, natural color. Your manicure will retain its luster much longer and your nails will remain undamaged. In the end, it is worth it.


CND Shellac UV Color Coat, Iced Cappuccino Shade, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

I bought this for my girlfriend and she was shocked that I knew what was good. This is a polish that wears just like it were gel. The color is just like her favorite drink, frappuccino, but it has UV3 technology.


OPI Natural Nail Strengthener Treatment, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

If you suffer from fragile nails as I do, this is your solution. Not only will it provide an artificial barrier, but it will aid your nail in growing stronger.


Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer, Across The Universe, 0.5 Ounce

Wear the polish that Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zac Posen, and Rodarte has worn. You'll agree with one try that this is a luxury nail lacquer. Deborah Lippman has won an award with this one and you'll feel like a million dollars.


Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer, Happy Birthday, 0.5 Ounce

This glittering gray will match with any outfit you throw on it. Add that it is an award-winning polish worn by the stars and you won't hesitate grabbing this one next time you are heading out for dinner or a night on the town.


OPI Katy Perry Collection, Black Shatter, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

Here is the polish everyone's been searching for. It's from the Kate Perry Collection of Spring & Summer 2011. The color is rich, the coat shimmering and unique. This might become your favorite first in your own collection.


OPI Katy Perry Collection Last Friday Night, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

My wife had one word to say when I gave her this polish for her birthday, "Wow!" It gave her more confidence, since it is from the Kate Perry Collection of Spring & Summer 2011. I don't think she'll ever take off this polish.


OPI Nail Lacquer, Sweet Heart, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

Here's one of the most romantic colors, "Sweet Heart". It's even more beautiful on my nails. I have fallen in love, but it's not with any man. You could say this color is even a bit sassy, but I choose to call it plush.


OPI Nail Lacquer, DS Opulence, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

If you are looking for elegance to match that special and expensive dress you own and rarely wear, this is the right polish. It is like sprinkling diamond dust on your nails. The way the light strikes it and scatters everywhere will catch everyone's attention.