Best 10 Warming Drawers Apr16

Best 10 Warming Drawers

All best 10 Appliances picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Lynx : L42CC Lynx 42 Convenience Center

This is an entire warming center with warming drawer, utility drawer, and a tank storage. There is an easy access LP tank tray as well. Put utensils for grilling in the utility drawer. The warming drawer keeps at 90-220, by setting.


Thermador 36 In. Panel Ready Warming Drawer - WDC36E

The glass ceramic plate is 600 Watts, while by convection the warming drawer draws 400 Watts. The electronic timer is a great convenience for the busy person. The overall size is 2.4 cubic feet and 36 inches.


Star SDW2NC Warming Drawer

Each drawer has its own control and measures 12x20x6 inches. This unit does not require installation, since it stands alone. Put it in the car and take it to a friend's house. It is stainless steel at 925 Watts, with LED display.


Thermador : WD27ES 27 Traditional Warming Drawer Stainless

While Thermador is well known for its elegant designs, it is equally know for its rock solid functionality. In this warming drawer there is a smoke glassed window to watch the food, if you choose, though it is unnecessary.


Star SDW1 Warming Drawer

This Star warming drawer is a stand alone unit you can take anywhere. At a size of 12x20x6 inches it is perfect for any dish. The power is rated at 475 Watts and it is made of stainless steel, with an LED display. You will love this little unit.


Bull Outdoor Products Stainless Steel Warming Drawer

As far as warming drawers go, this is a whopper. It is 30 inches wide, 11.5 high, and 21 deep. It also weighs 61 pounds. The unit is made of stainless steel that is durable. Ultimately, you won't be disappointed.


Star SDW3C Warming Drawer

I love this free standing warming drawer. There are three separate controls, one for each drawer. The LED display and stainless steel construction are fine, but I cannot get over the huge 1375 Watts.


Thermador : WD30EP 30 Traditional Warming Drawer Stainless

Thermador spells luxury in the kitchen. They are famous for merging artistic design with scientific function. Their appliances, like this warming drawer, are more efficient than other brands and more elegant. Buy it for its beauty and excellence.


Bull Outdoor Products 25876 Stainless Steel Door Drawer Combo

My wife loves this door and drawer combination, because the polished, commercial stainless steel resists corrosion as well as heat. The total unit measures 30 3/4 inches wide, 19.5 high, 20.5 deep.


Sharp KB-6100NS 30-Inch Warming Drawer, Stainless

My wife gave me this for my birthday and I nearly fell out of my chair. What woman thinks of giving her man such a manly gift as this 30 inch warming drawer? It blends well with wood and services quite well.