Best Top 10 Car Speakers (6.5 Inch) May24

Best Top 10 Car Speakers (6.5 Inch)

All best 10 Car Speakers picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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System242-gt - Dynaudio 6.5

When I put the voice level of my new System242 on a high pitch and it gave me a great pleasure to find that these speakers handled the vocal range smoothly, while the notes of electric guitar and piano could be easily distinguished. I was totally impressed by its performance.


Focal Polyglass 165 V30 6.5

I like to listen to my music on high pitch note, and I also found that the Focal Polyglass with 80 Watt RMS is compatible with any high powered car player. The audio output is really outstanding with ultimate clarity.


Focal Access 165 A1 2-Way Component Speaker Kit

I just wanted something special to rock in my car. What I love about the Focal Access A1 is the dome shaped tweeter. It disperses the sound widely even at higher frequencies, and the sound quality does not get distorted. The 25mm voice coil and 85mm magnet has an excellent control on low bass and treble accuracy. I got a great discount on this speaker kit.


Pair of Brand New Boston Acoustics Pro60 Se Professional Special Edition

Every time the music comes out of my Acoustic Pro60, it takes my to a different world and my feet never stops tapping. Being a hip hop maniac, I found that the delicate taps of the drum sounded natural. The notes from the guitar and piano also have that distinct audibility. Music never sounded so good in my car before.


Focal Polyglass 165 CVX Coaxial Speaker Kit

I was dissatisfied with my old speakers and decided to install new Focal Polyglass CV system. The Focal speakers in the front doors and coaxial speakers at the back really made that difference. Now my car system produces a dynamic sound which is crystal clear. It makes me want to dance every time I park my car.


Package: Brand New Mb Quart Pvi216

I got my old speakers replaced with Mb Quart Pvi216, a 2 way speakers with peak power of 140 watts each. It is also available with Mb Quart Fta169, 3 way stereo speakers with peak power of 180 watts each. Every time I listen to my new speakers, it makes my ears ring with pleasure, and I feel the music vibrate all through my body.


Alpine SPR-60C

I already had a set of speakers in the front, and I wanted couple of good rear speakers for my Ford Ranger. I bought the Alpine SPR-60 and got it installed behind the back seat. The speakers are connected to a 4 channel Pioneer player, and they give peak outputs of 50 watt each. The music effect in my car is absolutely incredible now.


Infinity Reference 6030cs 270-Watt Two-Way Component System

After reading the reviews on Infinity Reference 6030, I knew that I had to get it for my BMW. I ordered for one and got it in just three days. After getting it installed I found that the sound quality was utterly awesome. Each note, be it high and low is exceptionally clear, and the price tag is quite reasonable too.


Infinity Reference 612m 225-Watt High-Performance 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker

When my old speaker started dying on me, I purchased the Infinity Reference 612m. The sound effect on my new speakers is really smooth, and the bass effect is crystal clear. The quality of music is excellent even in midst of heavy traffic sounds. I just can't wait for my next vacation, so that I can test the speakers for their full potentials.


Polk Audio DB6501 2-Way Component System (Pair, Silver)

I love all kinds of music and I have a wonderful collection of Jazz, country, hip hop, rock music, classics etc. With the Polk Audio DB6501 in my car, each genre of music sounds absolutely great. Even the music from violin and piano notes can be heard without any signs of distortion. The Bass and treble effects are very balanced, and Drum beats sound heavenly.