Best 10 Ceramic Tiles Apr04

Best 10 Ceramic Tiles

All best 10 Tiles picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Garden Pathway by Steve Songer - Country Landscape Ceramic Tile Mural 24

The tile behind this landscape lends it a more tangible feel than if it were painted on canvas. It will be the focus of your living room or kitchen. Every tile is handcrafted to bring you a wonderful motif to your living space.


Handmade arts & crafts matte 3

My husband wanted a basic tile for some of our projects in remodeling our home. I found this subway tile that is a soothing copper green and I have to say it looks striking anywhere we put it.


Mixed Travertine Tumbled Herringbone Mosaic Tile - 6

Herringbone patterns make for a unified feeling in the style of a room. This mixed travertine version gives all the basic neutral earth colors you need to set up a background for the brilliant colors you add to your home.


Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural - Archway to Venice

Sam Park's art has never looked so handsome until they were placed on these tiles. The canals of Venice through an archway - how romantic! These will draw attention by guests in your home and are great conversation starters.


Imperial Slate 12

This glazed ceramic tile lays down a solid foundation to any room, whether adorning the floor or the walls. It's straight forward rust slate looks heavy and will support light, delicate colors fantastically.


Vintage Hexagon with Black Dot 12 5/8 x 11 Inch Porcelain Floor & Wall Tile (10 Pcs/9.6 Sq. Ft. Per Case, $1 Standard Shipping)

The honeycomb pattern is a vintage one and the natural clay finish is timeless. Add in the black hex, sprinkled here and there, and you have a clean look to your floor or walls. It is slip resistant as well, so don't worry about spills.


Sunny Sun Mexican Talavera Ceramic - MC*

My wife fell in love with this playful and cheerful ceramic Sun. She put it in her garden, but asked me to get another for the kitchen. The many colors brighten her spirit and makes me feel happy that she is happy.


Handmade opaque gloss 3

My wife does not like many colors, so I purchased this simple subway tile that is an opaque, handcrafted gloss, just like a marshmallow, and she likes it. We are using it to remodel the bathroom - a little clinical, but clean.


Stellar tile - river stone - pebble & stone mosaic tile in multi

River stone is the naturalist's choice of tile and this one will suit any who want to live close to nature. The mosaic of colors provides interest and the sizes of stones is ideal to be unobtrusive.


Usg Interiors 12x12x1/2 Lace Tile

This may not have the greatest acoustic or fire resistance properties, but it is an inexpensive ceiling solution. It is easy to install, with the tongue in grove, concealing staples. It is clean and simple.