Best 10 Books for Summer Holidays in 2011 May03

Best 10 Books for Summer Holidays in 2011

All best 10 Books picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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22 Britannia Road: A Novel

A complex plot and lively writing keeps you glued to the pages. The story follows a couple after the second world war, who has all the advantages of a life intact, but the trauma halts them from moving forward. Their son is in the worst shape and makes you want to cry, how disjointed he is from participating in life.


Akata Witch

The plot was unfocused and the climax was premature, but the story was good and fun. There was was a peculiar mixture of writing pitched at a child's level, but the language was without a doubt aimed right at the young adult. This inconsistency made it difficult to imagine who the intended audience was.


The Weird Sisters

What a wonderful book! Brown's writing is refreshing and compelling, leading you to care about these three sisters regardless of their humanity. It is not the kind of book you can share with someone else, but it is hilarious.


The Lover's Dictionary: A Novel

The story is told alphabetically, though not in a linear fashion. So you may want to read the next part of the story, only to find yourself face to face with some other part. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is quite fun as a romantic novel.


The Longest War: The Enduring Conflict between America and Al-Qaeda

This is a one-volume treatment on the War on Terror and presents no new facts. However, it does address the war from both the side of the US and of Al Qaeda. The author speaks as an experienced journalist and, as much as possible, a neutral voice.


Please Look After Mom

You will learn details about modern Korean culture, traditions and family expectations and interactions, but the writing itself captures your attention just as much. Many themes are contrasted that force you to reflect on your own life.



The description in Galore was not cotton candy and the spans of the novel was across six generations. The point was to mimic the ever-present harshness of the sea. It is a read that will challenge your fortitude, but draw you in like a siren.


The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 2)

This is not as thrilling as the previous in this series. Rather than developing the main character, the author wastes the first hundred pages making the main character flounder about chasing bad guys, the next hundred doing nothing again, followed two-hundred more doing nothing.


West of Here

You will be propelled through the book methodically. From the start the characters will reveal themselves to you gradually and you will flip pages to see which paths they choose. Then the plot will hook you until you almost cry that it is over.


A Discovery of Witches: A Novel

The idea behind the book is intriguing, but the story doesn't ever quite get off the ground. It is in need of serious editing, but the entertainment value is still present enough to lead many through to the end. Yet, there were too many new faces toward the end.