Best 10 Crosses

All best 10 Religious Jewelry picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Sterling Silver Celtic Cross Pendant , 18

Whether you hang it on the inside or the outside, this stylish cross will serve you as a reminder as to whom you belong. If it is the outside, expect a conversation to begin about it, regardless the crowd you hang with.


10k White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant (1/5 cttw, I-J Color, 12-I3 Clarity)

I cannot tell you how much my wife loved this diamond studded white gold cross. The design makes it look like the bow on a gift. Rightly so, since Jesus was the gift to all people throughout all time.


Men's Sterling Silver Solid Tubular Crucifix Cross Pendant, 24

This crucifix is classic, with the placard above Christ on the Cross. It is a tubular design, which provides maximum comfort against the skin. This is ideal for men to match with their clothing.


Men's 14k Yellow Gold Solid Large Polished Cross with Rope Chain Necklace, 20

A flat, plain and polished gold is what some people prefer as the cross they wear. The soft pouch protects it when carrying around in your pocket or briefcase. Any man would easily wear this one.


Sterling Silver Eternity Cross Pendant, 18

This is both a cross and two eternity symbols. It can remind you that Christ's sacrifice is for all of history and all of the future. It is simple in ornamentation, made only of sterling silver.


Sterling Silver

This beautiful crucifix is sterling silver, though it has gold coloring mixed with silver. It is light weight, so you won't even feel it hanging around your neck. Touch it with your finger throughout the day to remind yourself it is there.


Men's 14k Solid Polished Cross Pendant Necklace, 20

This simple, yet elegant cross has a sign of the Holy Spirit in the center. It has a polished look and is subtle. My wife adores this cross, because it reminds her of her subtle faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Bob Siemon Sterling Silver Twisted Wire Cross Pendant Necklace, 20

The design looks like cursive handwriting or an Interstate cloverleaf intersection, or a fancy ampersand sign. Anyway you look at it this is still a cross though, and a beautiful one at that.


Bob Siemon Nail and Copper Wire Cross Pendant on Leather Cord, 30

Nails, leather, and wire, what could be more manly? The nails are designed to not penetrate the skin, so you won't have to suffer wearing this cross around your neck, though you probably will still suffer as a Christian.


Men's Grey Titanium Movable Cross Pendant, 20

My son is crazy over this cross. It is so industrial and modern. The simplicity is mindblowing. Who dreamed this one up? I'd like to shake his hand, because my son used to think crosses were for girls.