Best 10 Easter Books Mar26

Best 10 Easter Books

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Easter: the reason for the season

If you had questions about Easter they will be answered by reading this simple book that explores the connections between ancient customs and modern Easter traditions. You won't have to wonder any longer.


The Day Christ Died

One day rocked the world and nothing will ever be the same again. That was the day Jesus Christ died on the Cross.This book explores from 6pm to 4pm (when Christ was taken off the Cross).


Resurrection Eggs

These eggs are educational about why Easter is important. The devotional booklet is bilingual (Spanish and English), the eggs colorful, and the purpose to help children begin to understand the significance of the Resurrection.


The Case for Easter (20-Pack)

Lee Strobel is famous for making convincing arguments in favor of the Christian faith. Here it is no different. He shares what led him into Christianity and out of Atheism. His style is that of an aggressive journalist.


Reliving the Passion

I was enthralled by the events as I was carried along through them. This follows Mark's account of what happened from the time the chief priests plot to kill Jesus, up to the Resurrection of Christ from the dead.


The Calvary Road

First published in 1950, The Calvary Road looks at revivals and tries to put the finger on what must be already present in the heart of the person and what happens as the result of encountering God in these revivals.


Final Words: From the Cross

Every chapter follows the same format, but carries you through a devotional of the Cross. The Biblical account opens, followed by the viewpoint of one person present, then an exploration of Jesus' last words and their meaning for us today closes.


Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Help your children (ages 3-9) understand Easter. It is imaginative and accurate at the same time. The book is populated with a professional illustrator. So you and your kids will enjoying the Easter story.


Just in Time! Easter Services, Sermons, and Prayers (Just in Time! (Abingdon Press))

This is a great resource that is ecumenical. It is derived from the Revised Common Lectionary. There are prayers, liturgies that are for more creative, and even aids for sermons. Just reading it will be a blessing.


A Collection of Easter Poems and Stories (For the Entire Family!)

This is an e-book that is well linked and formatted. This is an unusual resource you'll be reading around the fireplace year round with your family. The poems are inspirational. My kids like to pick it up and practice reading.