Best 10 Gaming Laptops in 2011 Apr26

Best 10 Gaming Laptops in 2011

All best 10 Computers picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Alienware 17‐Inch Gaming Laptop

Being a gamer, I have to keep up with the media upgrades, and I like to have more data available in the processor for fast reference and implementation. My Alienware m17x10 laptop maintains this heavy multi-task simultaneously and with efficiency.


ASUS G73JW-ROG Limited Edition 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop

The USB 3 port in my ASUS G73 is really super fast. When connected to external hard drives, the transfer speed of large multimedia files is 5 times faster than the standard USB 2 ports. I am able to spend hours playing games because of its high speed. It operates silently and the exhaust always keeps the laptop cool.


Apple MacBook Pro MC725LL/A 17-Inch Laptop

My new Apple MacBook Pro simply puts all its previous versions to shame. It comes as a complete package with high speed graphics processing, which is perfect for my gaming. It is great for photo and video editing, and has 8GB of RAM. The thing I love the most in this system is the automatic switching of graphics which is a flexibility of having two video processors. It gives me a long battery life, and is really worth its weight in gold.


HP EliteBook 8740w XT910UT 17-Inch Laptop

The dual features of my HP EliteBook act as a workstation for a gaming enthusiast like me. The Windows 7 OS and its graphic capabilities allows for excellent 3 D graphics while playing. It is assisted by the 17" screen which features more realistic colors.


HP ENVY 17-2090NR Notebook

I just love the sound quality of my HP ENVY 17 Audio system, and the visual impact of viewing 2D and 3D videos is simply exceptional. Playing on the high quality HD LED 17.3” display with an edge-to-edge glass is truly a magnificent experience.


ASUS N73SV-A1 17.3-Inch Versatile Entertainment Laptop

I just love the extra cool features in my ASUS N73SV. This N73SV has special specifications like the HDMI and VGA outputs. It comes with one USB 3 and three USB 2 ports. The combo of Blue ray and Optional Disk Drive makes watching movies enjoyable. The responsive touchpad is larger, which gives room for my hand to easily slide across when playing games or browsing the net.


Alienware M15x 211CSB 15-Inch Gaming Laptop

I am a gaming fanatic and this Alienware M15 is perfectly versatile for my needs. It comes with window 7 operating system. The 6GB RAM (DDR3) and the ATi Radeon HD 5870 allows me to play a full fledged high power games, with an expansion of 6 visual displays all across the screen.


MSI GT660R-494US 15.6-Inch Laptop

A gamer like me can hardly resist being away from my new MSI GT660R, which has 12GB (DDR3) RAM, 2 HD (500GB) in RAID 0, Windows 7 OS, core i7 - 740QM, USB 3 port for rapid speed transfer and full HD display. I am glad that I got it for a very reasonable price.


MSI GE620-021US 15.6 Full HD Laptop

The NVIDIA technology in my MSI GE620 delivers outstanding performance, whether I am surfing HTML5 websites, watching a HD movie, or playing and experiencing the realistic DirectX11 games. It also gives me an advantage of editing HD videos and photos with stunning clarity.


CyberpowerPC MN571001 15.6-Inch Laptop

It has all the features of a gaming station and has MS Office to help me in my office work. The core i7-2630QM, external HD with 500 GB and USB 3 port, screen with 15.6” display, and GMA graphics is powerful. It helps me to communicate and synchronize wirelessly with Bluetooth. It is flexible and compatible for both my office and gaming needs.