Best 10 Shovels

All best 10 Gardening Tools picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Seymour S710 48-Inch Long Fiberglass Handle Notched Super Shovel Round Poin

This is an amazing tool. It made my life in the garden so much easier I would easily recommend it to every gardener I know. The notched edge gets deeper easier and turn up roots or clods is a cinch.


Fiskars 9654 Transplanting Spade

The entire shovel is made of steel and it is handy for transplanting. You can readily dig deep for big plants. It is really unbreakable, since it has a uni-construction for the entire tool. The powder coating keeps it from rusting as well.


Folding Shovel with Pick, Compass, Multifunction Survival Tool, Emergency Zone® Brand

My dad had a tool like this from the military that we used camping.. I loved working with it and it traveled well. It is a shovel, hoe, pick, hammer, bottle opener, saw edge, compass, waterproof match container, and nail puller, all in one!


Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel, Hardwood Handle

The handle is impressive enough. When I grabbed it I could feel the difference in the solid hardwood handle. To learn also that it is forged from carbon steel and heat treated for superior strength, I was sold on it.


Brook & Hunter Combo-DY-3D Premium 3-Piece Combo Kit With Stainless Steel Alloy Polished Shovel, Fork & Spade With Hand Crafted Red Oak Handles

The wood is red oak, which is extremely durable and hard. The metal is stainless steel. So these three critical tools for any hand agricultural work is a must for your set of daily needs. These are the ones I use the most on my farm.


Neiko Tools Big Scoop Aluminum Snow Shovel with Soft Grip Handle

When there's snow you need a quick solution that doesn't sap away your strength. This wide scoop shovel made from aluminum can also be used with leaves or other debris in gardening, farming, or general yard work.


Fiskars 9669 Digging Shovel

The handle is quite comfortable, even for double-handed jobs. The step is large too, for those of us with large feet. As for strength, the metal is a durable steel, coated to prevent rusting.


Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel with Hardwood Handle

Here is a replica of the Soviet Spetnaz shovel used by the elite of the Soviet Army. The metal is medium forged carbon steel, specially heated for strength. It is compact and simply super strong. You'll love it.


Gerber 22-41578 Gorge Folding Shovel

The joint on this shovel is telescoping and the head folds down for a compact travel size. The handle is nylon filled with fiberglass and capped with rubber grips. There is a sturdy hammer surface as well for tent spikes.


Gerber 30-000075 E-Tool Folding Spade with Serrated Blade

Th shaft on this shovel is anodized aluminum, but the spade is carbon steel. As with many folding shovels, the handle is nylon filled with fiberglass. The triangular design, while not providing the most stable strikes, does provide the strongest impact on the surface.