What is The Best Gaming Mouse for PC in 2011? Jul18

What is The Best Gaming Mouse for PC in 2011?

All best 10 Mices picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Logitech G7

Our winner, Logitech G7 is the perfect gaming mouse. This cordless laser mouse gives you precision and performance, allowing you to feel as if you're doing things on the computer directly with your fingers, rather than a mouse.


Logitech Refurbished MX Revolution

This futuristic-looking mouse has one of the most designs we've ever seen. It might not be suited for everyone, but professional gamers will surely appreciate the ergonomic design of this top-performance mouse!


Microsoft SideWinder

Microsoft seems to have put every piece of technology available in their mouse. Apart from the common macro buttons, the SideWinder also has an LCD display for recording macros, as well as advanced settings to customize the performance of the mouse.


Shuttle Pro 2 Silver

This pick is less suited for gamers, and more suited for people who work with computers, making use of multiple programs at a time. The highly customizable buttons allow you to do almost anything in any application, with a single click!


Logitech Click! Plus

A rather classical-looking mouse from Logitech, the Click! Plus combines a simple design, with high performance and quality of Logitech. Even though it looks like a simple mouse, the incredible accuracy allows maximum performance on almost any surface.



The OrthoMouse deserves a special place in our top, because it's not designed for gaming or easier working on the computer, but instead it focuses on the thing that really matters - our health. The shape of this mouse is designed specificaly to make sure you don't get a hand trauma from working with your computer, and it makes suer excessive hours of computer work don't make an impact on your wellbeing.


Logitech MX

A slightly less advanced version of our second pick, Logitech MX offers less functionality than our first two picks, but it's also a lot cheaper. If you're looking for a great price/performance ratio, you should consider this mouse!


Logitech MX 518

Another mouse for the gamers, this pick will give an edge to any gamer that considers themselves professional. The built-in sensitivity adjustment tool makes sure that your mouse is precise and never fails you.


Razer Deathadder

One of the few non-wireless mouses in our top, the Razer Deathadder doesn't offer any cool, unique functions, but it's not intended to do that. This mouse is intended for shooting game lovers, who will certainly appreciate the extreme precision and reliability of this mouse!


Logitech M305

This pick doesn't really hold any extensive value for gamers or people who work with the computer a lot, but it's simple and easy to use. It's an overall simple mouse, that does everything a normal mouse should do, but it also deserves a bonus for its stylish design!