Best 10 Digital Pianos Dec06

Best 10 Digital Pianos

All best 10 Keyboards picks were chosen by our senior editor, depending on his personal opinion.
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Nord Stage 2 HA88, 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Stage Piano (AMS-NS2 HA88)

I bought the Nord Stage 2 HA88 on advice of my elder brother, who is an excellent keyboardist. I play it sometimes, and its clarity simply mesmerizes me. It is very versatile, allowing me to play piano, electric organ and synthesizer all the same time.


Yamaha YDPV240 Digital Piano With Bench

My son wanted a full size digital piano, so I bought the YDPV240 with multiple features. Our family and friends enjoy listening to him play on our get-togethers. I am glad my son spends some productive time exploring new tunes and recording them on our computer. This digital piano is easily compatible with other hardware.


Yamaha YDP161 Digital Piano with Bench

I have a small apartment and I could not let that kill my desire to learn to play a piano. That’s when I found YDP 161 over the internet, which was available for an affordable price. I bought it immediately, as I had already read great reviews about its superb sound quality, and other multi-use features.


Yamaha YDP141 Digital Piano with Bench

My daughter simply loved the Yamaha YDP 141, when her grandparents gave it as a gift. She enjoys playing it and has been taking classes ever since. I often listen to what she plays and her recordings. She has stored many new tunes, since it has a huge memory space. Its LED screen makes it look real hi-tech.


Casio AP620 Celviano Digital Piano with Bench

One of my favorite hobbies is to play the piano. Earlier, I had never played any electric instrument, but then one day I got a chance to do it at my friends place, I had wanted to give it a try. His Casio AP620 has perfect sound quality. The onboard library has exceptional selection, its pedals have a good push and the recording aspect is quite appealing. It was only then that I realized what I had been missing out on.


Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano

I enjoy playing my acoustic piano, but I wanted something different to practice my daily lessons on without disturbing the neighbors. That’s when I read about the CP33 Yamaha on Amazon, which gives an identical feel of a genuine piano and still sounds so great.


Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano with Bench

My parents are very fond of playing the piano, but our old one was spoilt and would have taken a fortune to repair. So I decided to give them the Casio AP420 on their 30th wedding anniversary. Not only do I enjoy listening them play, but I get to record my favorite tunes on it as well. All thanks to the Digital piano’s recording sound system.


Yamaha P155 Contemporary Piano with Mahogany Top Board, Black

Grandpa presented me his Korg keyboard because it was heavy for him to carry around. So, I bought him this P155 Yamaha, which is lightweight and great to hold. My grandpa loves the Mahogany board and is completely excited about its computer interface, which is easy to operate.


Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano (Walnut)

I have been using my DGX640W Yamaha for the past two weeks and I can barely keep my hands of it. Its soothing sound quality tempts me to play it every time. Its versatile features are worth every penny I spent on it. It’s the best musical instrument I ever had.


Casio PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

Alice has just started learning piano, so I bought her the PX 130 Casio, which features a dual mode. The keyboard can be easily divided into two arrays for the teacher and Alice to play simultaneously. Alice keeps recording her newly learnt tunes. Both her teacher and I are quite pleased with its performance.